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  1. Dear All, Join the stream with ED Mi-24P project manager Alex Podvoisky. You'll get the answers about main and hot questions about the project.
  2. Dear All, As soon as I will be ready to share with you the roadmap, I will. Right now we finalising a not easy year for everyone. We do have plans for 2021. Sincerely, Chief Operational Officer Kate Perederko
  3. Dear All, I would like to stop the speculations about 262. It is not in development at the moment. I do not want to tell you which aircraft will be started after Mosquito. Right now we focused on Mosquito and we want to make at high level. Sincerely, Kate Perederko Chief Operational Officer
  4. Thank you for your questions! We use WebRTC as a base solution. DCS Voice Chat works out of the box, so users don't need to install anything to get voice communications within DCS World. We don't plan to restrict usage of any external solution that are already available or will be developed. However, we have our own as a component for DCS World. It's up to users to use the solution they want and they are comfortable with. ED do not plan to provide access to any external software to DCS Voice Chat at the moment. We might consider such possibility later on. We are always open for cooper
  5. Tasks will receive statuses as soon as work will be started.
  6. The bug was fixed with yesterday's Open Beta version.
  7. All bugs or issues or improvements related to weapon systems are a bit different topic and has it's own pipeline.
  8. It's not related to Hornet only. This bug will be taken into consideration for development during summer time. However, I cannot say that we will definitely fix it this summer. We will have a special session to review bugs for DCS Core and work with the priorities.
  9. I would prefer to discuss the Mission planning tool as a separate thread and focus on it so the ideas are not lost. We want to incorporate the efforts that were already done by 3rd parties and refactor it together to prepare the best possible tools for all aircraft.
  10. The videos about coming today features were posted for you by Matt: https://www.youtube.com/user/wagmatt/videos
  11. For us it's a part of the task "Coupled autopilot modes".
  12. Yes, I do and it's the plan. I posted the list of features but it's not the same as the bug list. At the moment we have 375 issues to be delivered in total for Hornet. And the navigation suit will be delivered as it's mentioned in the list.
  13. I hope it gave you the transparency that was required and the list of features that should be expected. Moreover, with the release of the features, the community can see how we progress and will we meet the goals.
  14. It's not a matter of difficulty. It's about the priority for the community and the willing to deliver what is important for the community in terms of gameplay and product usage.
  15. Yes, the flight model update includes FCS warnings and damage model update.
  16. Dear Hornet Pilots, Thank you for your participation in our F/A-18C Hornet Roadmap features poll. 3000 responses were received and thank you for your valuable feedback and participation. The chart below illustrates your priorities. In summary: Flight model update AG radar and all its features Datalink symbols, EW symbols, and AG mode for JHMCS ATFLIR Aircraft Setup Card in Options, Mission Card for 60 waypoints and MUMI page ASPJ ECM jammer Azimuth / Elevation air-to-air radar mode with AUTO IFF modes LOFT modes, ARM, JPF, and other
  17. Dear All, I promised that we will try to deliver the AGM-65D Maverick air-to-surface missile by the end of April. However, our new developer was not able to overpower the complexity and need a little bit more time and help from the main devs who are working with Hornet features at the moment. That being said, we will deliver the small updates such as strobe light to be brighter at night, anti-collision light to be seen on multiplayer servers, improvement to LEF and FCR Hostiles. Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team
  18. Open Beta Update, 20 May Dear All, We are planning to deliver the Open Beta update tomorrow, May 20. According to the previous post we planned to have: 1. Completion of the Litening Targeting Pod 2. Dynamic launch zone, AUTO mode for JDAM 3. AG radar. MAP + Fixed Target Track (FTT) 4. SLAM air-to-surface missile All the features are done but we can't technically include AG radar due to terrain enhancements we made for better radar realism that currently break our third party radars and we cannot include SLAM missile due to intercommunication of weapon systems of third parties.
  19. Dear All, Thank you for all your comments. I have to admit that the release of the update last week didn't meet our expectations at all. We still have a lot of work to do with performance issues before we will be able to release it to the Stable branch. Please do not expect it to be released in April. All your comments, suggestions, ideas and, of course, critics are taken into account. We cannot make it happen all at once but we want to be more transparent for you and improve the DCS World together with you. I apologize if we are unable to meet some of your expectations.
  20. We do not post a lot of news about Combined Arms because we believe that we need to improve the terrain rendering technology first and after achieving the level of the detail we want we can improve the CA to a new level.
  21. Thank you for your comment. That's what we work on.
  22. А с какой целью вы нас оскорбляете? У нас нет ни холопов, ни господ, ни барынь и не будет. Если вы себя на вашем рабочем месте воспринимаете именно так, то вам стоит задуматься о смене места, где вы проводите большую часть своей жизни.
  23. Fixed at OB https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
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