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  1. Just hope they won't sing the marching song when their brave Cerebellum face to the enemy. R.I.P for the victim.
  2. It seems the developer had already prepared well the files and just waiting the days released. https://steamdb.info/sub/48607/apps/ DEPOTSID: 31696 Black Shark 2: Republic Campaign (316961) Depot 50.88 MB DLC 316961 APPID: 316961 SteamDB Unknown App 316961 about a month ago
  3. I remember they said they will post news in December? So we only need to wait another 2 weeks at least? Day passed quickly, 2015 is leaving us... 50 days left...
  4. Nice picture, it explained IRST and TCS on different type very well. :thumbup:
  5. I remember the IR instrument on F-14 could record the tail of missile and the explosion of aircraft. Is it the IRST or the TCS?
  6. haha, thanks for answer, that's a good name for 3D workshop, I get it now.
  7. Sorry to ask a question, what is polychop meaning? I try to google and check dictionary it but no answer.
  8. : / I remember 2 years ago, their is a trip "flight on the mig-29" found by travel company. http://starcity-tours.com/ http://29mig.com/ read this, it seems a little expensive. And this is MiG, not Sukhio, so it's off topic. hhh
  9. Northrop try to give F-5 the BVR capability then developed F-20 for out board buyers. Actually F-20 is typically F-5 with heavy developed, and new designation is just for good hearing for those buyer, Just like I said it's called F-5GGGGGG before, it's still a F-5. And it was compared with the F-16A, then lose the match because the policy changed, only very few number of plane built out. Don't dreaming it's a new designed aircraft, it's totally based on F-5E. Yea, maybe add up LEX or some other thing, however it's still F-5 based aircraft. Everyone knows this fact.
  10. And do you still think Flanker E is the same as A or the Fulcrum F is the same as A? The wingspan, the sharp, the structural, the cockpit or the avionics is different. Flanker E is bigger than A, and nearly changed everything. The Fulcrum F is totally different with A, just like the plastic bug is different with F-18. The "The STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF THE PLANE IS DIFFERENT"&"The planes look similar, but they are radically different" just for you. Check your point before you post it.
  11. hhh, I never said they are the same shit aircraft, you mind are broken and fully pipedream. I only said they have the same callsign or the number after the alphabet F is the same, could you understand, you banana? Did I said they are the same at any part of aircraft? I only said before the F-20 got its own designation, it is called F-5G, and it has the capability of aim-7 on paper or plant, I never said the aircraft is the same, son. If you didn't mention that poor plastic bug, I would not to discuss what it is really like. And that poor F-5s is just an upgraded F-5E, however you always dream to have a new "designed" aircraft, but you can't, It's still an upgraded kit based on F-5e, just like lancer or bison, or fishbed 2000 by the kindly weapon company, and then re-designation. And did I said F-5e got the BVR capability in directly or under logic? Do you think I try to cue or hint you? I've told you read carefully but you don't. You are boring and sick in your mind. Even I didn't try to reply or correct your words first.
  12. You still repeat the same words by your way, and check the logic. Many things are only in your mind and I didn't said those. Follow the words which was written down. READ THE WORDS CAREFULLY. And those Flanker and Fulcrum family could be a new designed aircraft by your standard. "bigger wing, new avionics, new glass screens, new engine, more pylon, new flight design with LEX and extra pair of wing or blahblah something" Do you mean NATO reporting name/designation system for eastern bloc is a joke? Flanker-A, Flanker-B, Flanker-B+, Flanker-C, Flanker-D, Flanker-E or Fulcrum-A, Fulcrum-B, Fulcrum-C, Fulcrum-D, Fulcrum-E. You are really boring.
  13. Thanks Matt, that written down Q&A is really helpful, and that video is really cool as usual! You are really kind and warmhearted for the consumer!
  14. F-20 is called F-5G before it got its own designation, and it planned to have BVR on paper, F-5s is an upgraded kit from the F-5e, and I said what it changed at last post. F-18e/f is still F-18 series, you can ask Boeing or DoD to give its a new callsign. Did I make mistake? You don't need to correct it by your ways.
  15. The latest variant of f-5 is F-5G or F-20... But they never sold it to other country and only have few prototype. It have capability to equip aim-7, but it seems only on paper, so the bvr on f-5 is also on paper too. And the f-5e with singapore upgraded could launch 120. It changed radar and removed one barrel, however it isn't the typical type of f-5e as well known. : / At last, f-5e could fit with GAU-5, 4 barrel 30mm gatlin with over 300 rounds. LOL
  16. I like this words, jkkkk Put guys on the train then prepare to receive money from them. They will pay for it just like collect trading card game. :lol:
  17. : / maybe only have aim-9 and 2 barrel for air combat, the aim-7 is for upgraded latest variant...F-20.
  18. bis is the last version product by ussr, and bison or lancer is the upgraded pack for export variants. I like these variants, and there are many interesting upgraded for different ones. And I think new type aircraft is good for marketing and easy to make the consumer's eyeball focus on them... so let the new aircraft come first and later for variants, that's my opinion.
  19. It's such sxxxd just like the youtube comments fanboy, do you really need flip your bird to show someone? Do you really need these animation to the MiGs? Do you still live in cold war with unaccountable hates?
  20. :D thanks dude... it's a horror movie.
  21. the opponent of mig-21... so when the f-14/18 come out, will we have the mig-23mld or improvement su-27/30? lol
  22. Out of stock, just download it. No one feel pity and guilty. LOL
  23. What's that blue mask meaning? It's horror and disgusting...
  24. https://ospreypublishing.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=mig-21 osprey series + mig-21 highly recommend for "mig-21 unit on vitenam", I've read this one, other combat is not such interesting because trained not well... or tactical failure.
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