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  1. is this .lua file updated now in ur Upadated VPC Ewuipments post just 2 posts back or should i just apply this???
  2. Thx man Sent from my ZUK Z2131 using Tapatalk
  3. Oh ok.... no probs... will try again tommorrow... thx for the prompt reply...:thumbup:
  4. trying to get this mission right for the past 3-4 days but i m unable to get the f16 land at lincoln airport, everything is done right the f16 follows me to the lincoln airport, i signal him to land there the signal is received & he breaks formation for landing, i hover @ 4000AGL above the airport as instructed, The F16 comes in for approach with its landing ger down but suddenly abandons the approach & tries to approach again for landing, i have tried this many times but i am stuck on this portion of the mission, Is there some trigger which i m missing..... pls help... BTW wonderful
  5. I have the same issue at my place too the way I do it is that I keep a copy of dcs world 2.5 on my work laptop (no need to activate any modules just make sure the modules on ur laptop & pc should match) do as follows: Go to ur pc dcs base folder & move the download folder (I m not near my pc right now so don't know the exact name but there should be a download folder) to someplace safe incase things go bad Next make sure u r connected to the internet & start dcs The updater will tell u there is new version available it will check files & start downloading from the Torrents on
  6. Awesome job guys!!! buying from steam helps save me the currency exchange charges which my bank levies on me (ie 2-3USD per 15USD of purchases roughly) but steam has local tieupwith banks here in india & do not incur addition charges when purchasing on steam store.... tried binding L39 on dcs acct it worked.... purchased another 4 modules Spitfire, K109, Mig 21 & Mig 15 & all have successfully binded to my dcs account.... damn happy today!!!! :megalol:
  7. nice work.... have downloaded it would appreciate if your could support more planes ....
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