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  1. Finite, tracked theater assets and the ability for players to be able to generate missions in multiplayer sessions (for themselves and AI) from those assets. Done right, it would completely replace the need for a multiplayer dynamic campaign.
  2. I can't comment on if the damage models are correct or not, but keep in mind that the UH-1 and Mi-8 are cargo helicopters, which are mostly empty space, where the KA-50 is jam packed with systems and avionics. It's likely that terminal ballistics aren't modeled all that well.
  3. The Mig-21 is pretty enticing and I'd like to use my bonus points before they expire. How long are new modules excluded from the bonus system for?
  4. It would be if the whole column of vehicles fail to react appropriately. Pop smoke, retreat to cover and call in for support (artillery or air). Failing that, the only other option is to advance under cover and/or try to flank. Not much else you can do when you're out ranged by over a click. Keep in mind though that the effects are exaggerating in DCS due to the lack of cover for ground vehicles.
  5. When I registered my purchased products for the bonus, I thought it was a nice way to apologize for the lack of management and foresight that necessitated the release of numerous iterative products at full price with nearly no additional content (what many consider to be a patch). Now when I finally go to use said points, I find they're expired. I think it was only a few dollars, but its not even about the money.. Several of the guys I sim with stopped buying ED products long ago in protest of ED's business model and development direction. I tried to stick with you guys.. but this is the st
  6. Wasn't my first, but I played it quite a bit. For its time, it had awesome physics and damage modeling. My first was MS Flight Sim 2.0. Thinking back of all the sims.. Falcon AT, F-119, Fleet Defender, Falcon 3, USNF.. More than I can remember. I still have them all somewhere in the garage. Good times..
  7. I wish it were even possible. There's only so much one can brief from a single low res map image and a bit a text. "We take off from here, bad guys here. I cant read any text on the map so we'll just fly north until we see this big ass river and hope we find the target." Blackshark really needs better mission briefing tools. Something like Falcon would be sufficient. At the very least and interactive map with overlays.
  8. The aim-120 is semi-active the same way the aim-7 is until it goes pitbull except that it can be done in TWS with a softlock. No intertial guidance with datalink updates.
  9. Lets see.. F-15's that have the exact same radar model as every other aircraft in the game, that launch Aim-120s that require guidance all the way to pitbull because inertial guidance isnt modeled vs SU-27s with a datalink, IRST, an SPO that tells you EXACTLY when to jink, and the same exact radar as the F-15, launching R-27ER's that are faster but need to be guided for an extra 10 seconds or less. So whats not fair? Both aircraft are fairly gimped by modern standards. Both are still fun to fly, just different.
  10. I use a G940 and have only the last problem you've mentioned. Though I use the in game control editor to assign controls. My only other complaint is that on the G940, when the trim button is pressed and held, tension is not removed from the stick as it should be.
  11. I have DCS BS installed on my laptop and I'd like to install it on my desktop. The problem is my Black Shark retail box is loaded in a shipping conex slow boating its way back to the states. I wont get it for at least another month or so. So is there a way to get my serial number from the registry in my laptop? And then is it possible to use a friends DVD to install the game and my own serial to activate it?
  12. By the picture posted, I'd say he's hinting at boom refueling.
  13. I was at that airshow, and while the manauvers were impressive, they're nowhere near as impressive as the videos of the SU-37. But thats not a measure of its combat capability. It just cant wow crowds of people quite the same.
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