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  1. Saitek pedals are phenomenal for me. I've never tried CH but the Saitek ones I am very happy with. Programmable bands is really a good feature. For example, I use my right toe brake for quickly deploying airbrake, left toebrake for simulating analog braking with bands.
  2. I use VoiceBuddy for AI commands, voice recognition is near perfect and relatively fast. It's not free, though. http://www.edimensional.com/index.php?cPath=23 I customized it for LOMAC, it makes AI wingman controls much easier, I never need to use the keyboard for it, coupled with my x52, there's hardly anything I need to use the keyboard for. I tried shoot before getting VoiceBuddy. The problem with shoot is that it starts getting sluggish and missing commands when LOMAC starts using the CPU heavily, making it effectively useless to me. It must be the way shoot uses the CPU that m
  3. My point was that neither threatens them, so why spend all that money. It's not specifically F/A-18 I suppose, but that military expenditures are out of step with the type of security threats that need to be addressed.
  4. Ever decreasing? The US spends 522 billion A YEAR on military expenditure. If they really wanted to keep the F14 going, I'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem. The armed forces have a fetish for spending billions on new technology even when older tech is still perfectly functional because there are people that make lots of money off of it. Personally, though, I have a hard time figuring out how a new fleet of F/A-18s is going to threaten the terrorist bogeyman.
  5. A short vid showing off the 6DOF. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn4cwTp-sVA
  6. I suppose LOMAC and F4 hold two pieces of the puzzle, but I'm generally interested in the sense of flight and visual feedback I get when flying in LOMAC. I really enjoy CAC and when I fly in LOMAC, the sense of motion really wow's me sometimes. Dogfighting in LOMAC is very satisfying. I've played F4AF and the same furballs don't make me feel like I'm actually turning and burning. That said, I'm usually more interested in tactical engagements rather than campaign scenarios, so dynamic campaigns don't hold a particularly strong appeal. I guess I can't appreciate F4's strengths without f
  7. I still don't think there is a sim I've flown that has topped LOMAC. RV comes closer, but again is limited by the dated feel of the engine and FM makes me giggle sometimes. Dynamic Campaigns and interactive tower controllers really help immersion, but then I look at the ground and lose all sensation of actually flying. When I come low to the ground, I don't feel that sense of speed. This is what kills the immersion for me. I truly think a next-gen flight sim isn't going to be a F4 mod and until someone does release the next generation flight sim tech, LOMAC will probably always be my pref
  8. Yes very nice to experience 6DOF for the first time ever. The production value is surprising coming from a bunch of volunteers. They did a better job than LP did with AF IMO. They managed to improve AI and spruce up JDAMs and JSOWs. Also cool is the fact that they implemented realistic turbulence effects and I noticed my view shifts depending on how many Gs I'm pulling. This attention to detail is A+
  9. Well technically no new FM was developed, although now RedViper features the HFFM (high-fidelity flight model) integrated into the mod. I'm still not sure how accurate it is, but it's certainly better than any of the other FMs. The configuration app lets you switch between a few different FMs, however.
  10. FreeFalcon is a mod for the original Falcon 4, not AF so you need the original Falcon 4.0 to play it. They recently released FreeFalcon4 which is apparently known as Red Viper now. Who knows why they've decided to keep the release hushed and on bittorrent, probably because they saw what happened to OpenFalcon (another F4 mod that was shut down by Lead Pursuit, makers of AF).
  11. Airshow crowd :) Now time to try my hand at the sentinel ;)
  12. Oops, guess I was wrong :)
  13. Also, the F-16 stick does move slightly around, it's not stuck in place. This was implemented when test pilots complained about the stick being completely stationary.
  14. LOM file is ED's internal format and the specifications are not publicly released, so there is no way to export it to another format.
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