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  1. Yeah, its a tiny screen. I'm surprised they are actually using them, they are extremely expensive to produce. https://microoled.net/
  2. Yeah, that's a result of the micro OLED displays. Im surprised it's not even thinner. A typical 2k Micro OLED is about 2cm across.
  3. Apart from the beta branch being moved to release (which is par for the course I guess) and the new tryout scheme, this has been another rather underwhelming newsletter. Absolutely no news on new and anticipated modules, and upcoming features and very little about some long-awaited fixes for existing modules. Oh well, see you next week I guess
  4. I have no idea, I don't think it should be a problem. Would be kind of weird if they at least didn't match the current popular headsets in FOV out there.
  5. Have you ever tried looking through a micro OLED display? I have. They are used in top end mirrorless digital cameras such as Lumix, or Sony. They are extremely tiny, but they have incredibly high pixel density. This is why the headset is so small. It's quite likely that it won't need any lenses or that they will be very small. As for 95 FOV, well, I'm already using the Rift S which has a similar FOV, so I doubt that it's really that bad.
  6. Where did you get this information from?
  7. Lurker

    VR Titles

    Star Wars Squadrons is a nice homage to the Tie Fighter/X-Wing games of old. I have spent very little time playing it though, since the controls are so backwards compared to what we are used to in DCS. (Yaw is more important than Roll) I guess I'll get around to playing it, as it looks really good in VR. Half Life: Alyx is another great one. Probably the best VR game I've played Though you will need controllers for it.
  8. F-111 beats the Tornado hands down, every time. \runs for cover
  9. https://vrscout.com/news/5k-vr-headset-comes-with-virtual-world/ A dual micro-OLED display headset? Where do I sign up? Thoughts?
  10. Getting hyped for the incoming hype. Oh boy, is this some next level s/&% or what? Can't wait for the newsletter!
  11. I have the Rift S, and while it's an amazing headset, which just works and is really easy to set-up, it does suffer a bit in the resolution department. Pushing the Pixel Density up, has helped quite a lot, but if I was buying something new (or even used) right now I would go for something with a better native resolution.
  12. I would much rather have them implement proper VR controller support. The laser pointer thing works so badly (or not at all) that I'd rather use the mouse (and I do). Just make it so that I can reach over and klick on things (or grab things) with my virtual hand. If ALYX can do it, more importantly if VR VTOL can do it (flawlessly I might add) and a million other games can do it, why can't Eagle Dynamics get this right?
  13. I agree, but that's a whole other discussion unrelated to the Hind. As for 8 tank kills vs 12, again I agree it's no big deal I'm pretty sure a dedicated Hind crew will make short work of armored vehicles (and hopefully Petrovich will be of some use in singleplayer or for those who just like to play alone).
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