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  1. Well the 3090RTX is definitely the best card I've ever owned. No buyers remorse at all. Had great fun playing through Cyberpunk as well with all the bells and whistles on. It will be interesting to see if the improvements in DCS World 2.7 will make better use of our GPUs.
  2. From S.E. Bulba's post and some google translator, I managed to make it out. It seems that in the future you will be able to choose to download either the Marianas map, or the Caucasus map initially. Basically Caucasus is now default, but in the future you will be able to chose which map for your DCS World client will be the default map. No idea why that is that relevant, except for people who have problems with free space on their drives.
  3. Hell I never ever even tried turning on my jammer in the F14B, didn't know it had one
  4. I was just explaining why it didn't make sense from a business point of view. This has nothing to do with what this is worth to individual players or customers, it's about whether it is worth it to Eagle Dynamics. The answer from a business perspective is that it isn't. It is probably tied to the DRM of the Huey, and is not a trivial thing to implement and program. If it is cost prohibitive to a degree where it would take say a small team of engineers 3-6 months to implement, then test, then deploy and support it doesn't make financial business sense. I am not sure how to further explain why t
  5. Why is this in the wish-list forum section? Wouldn't a memory leak constitute a bug? Maybe you should consider opening up the thread in that section, as it will be noticed by admins and possibly devs, this looks like useful information.
  6. So you are calling me stupid because I care about a feature that might possibly be dropped? I don't speak Russian, and it's not entirely clear what they mean and if my "kneejerk" reaction can help clarify this (thank you @Dudikoff) why is it stupid?
  7. What exactly is a training campaign? Has eagle dynamics ever provided a training campaign for any of it's modules? I wish I could share your optimism, and hope you're right. Maybe someone can clarify or a russian speaking member can send a private PM to PilotMi8 for clarification.
  8. MSFFB2 (best joystick ever made) for cyclic Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle for collective Saitek Rudder pedals.
  9. There is no profit in it, they will not do it. It is extra manhours, development and network coding that they could spend on something that will actually bring them a return on their investment. Before you crucify me, I am aware of the shortsightedness of this position, getting someone to sit fly as a passenger\gunner might actually incentivize them into buying the module, but it has been 7 years, let me repeat that 7 YEARS since the Huey has been released and we've only recently gotten multicrew in. Most of the people who are into helicopters in DCS have the Huey, and for the small numbers th
  10. You could be right about that. But the truth is it could just be missing from the model. Kind of like the probes in front of the aircraft nose are missing. It might also be a completely different aircraft for all we know and that's not a wing fence, but something completely unrelated to it.
  11. Why are there no outcries over this?! I find the training missions in most aircraft to be more important than the actual campaigns. I mean Eagle Dynamics claims that 90% of it's player base fly in single-player, so both the training missions and campaigns are usually essential to each module. I for one will fly this helicopter in multiplayer, but learning how to operate ANY system is so much easier when there is a training mission available. This is hugely disappointing, and it will probably set a precedent. No more training missions or campaigns for any aircraft? Is that what they are telling
  12. Except it's never that simple. Splitting different tasks on to different cores is not really that hard, what is hard is synchronizing the communication between those cores. So that you don't have scenarios where one core is waiting for a result that is calculated by another one and vice versa.
  13. Sure, it's right here on the forums: There is some discussion of what the aircraft is under the tarp, but IMO it fits Su-17/20 most closely
  14. I could be wrong about this but I think Magnitude teased a Su-17 module just before Christmas. Well it's just an outline of a model under a tarp but it looks very much like an Su-17 outline. Take that with a few grains of salt, since splitting from Heatblur, Magnitude has yet to release a module. (I don't really count the Christen Eagle)
  15. Why do you think that would be a waste of time? Writing a few sentences or paragraphs explaining what we can expect with regards to performance, and other QOL enhancements is something that would only take a few minutes but would go a long way towards tempering our expectations and dispelling all of those nasty rumors that exist around DCS World development in general. I mean a lot of that has already been done with regards to upcoming modules and specific systems so why not tell us about what to expect from Vulcan, multi-core support etc. ?
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