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    France, comes from Kingston, Ontario.
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    Aeronautics, English culture, Literature, Classical music, Running, Theater plays.
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    Flight Attendant and English interpreter.
  1. Bonne année, plein de bonnes choses :)
  2. Ho-ho! Salut la communauté francophone! Comme certain(e)s d'entre vous ont pu le constater, la newsletter hebdomadaire de DCS World est désormais disponible en Français (lien ci-dessous)!!! La toute première est donc passée par vos cheminées virtuelles ce jour-ci, le 22 Décembre, non pas sans accrocs! Comme toutes premières fois, il y a quelques petits hics :music_whistling:. En effet un léger problème de typo peut être observé dans le message d'annonce de début de cette dernière, mais on vous promet que la prochaine sera mieux peaufinée :). L'équipe de traduction est dans tous les
  3. Absolutely, I did everything and I still can't get my key to work!
  4. Hey there, I thought this would be the best way at catching your attention. Having already stated that I was going through issues trying to re-activate my Mig-21bis module after the starforce updates of March and April, I decided to take this matter to the forums in the hope that I can catch your attention Dolphin, Rudel or whoever would be kind enough to take the time to process my enquiry. I tried sending you an email some months ago at : support@leatherneck-sim.com , without success or answers and would like to stress forward that the situation has become quite unnerving on my sid
  5. Dear Magnitude 3 LLC team, I am still experiencing the invalid activation key issue even after having followed all the released procedures. Just dropping this here so that people that are in the same case can eventually get help as well. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance for the time you would spend on my enquiry.
  6. Actually, yes. Labelling a flight model as being an EFM essentially means that given developers had to develop tools, assets in order to reproduce complex and advanced systems or aspects of an aircraft because they couldn't do it within the very restrictive limitations of the standard SFM that is initially provided by Eagle Dynamics. A PFM module is essentially a module that includes an AFM++ modelisation along with an Advanced System Modelling of all electrical, hydraulic, oil systems and avionics in general. Most third-party developers have delivered just that through their own EFM module
  7. The amount of work that was put into the Gazelle module by the Polychop Simulations team is absolutely tremendous. Its flight model lives up to the EFM standards and requirements, which is basically the third-party equivalent of ED's PFM. Pretty please, know your stuff before dropping false, out of subject information in here.
  8. Hey Scaflight, Let me put my own input and view on things in there. As you've surely stated, developers are trying to develop different aircrafts in order to stand out and attract customers without the impediment of competition. Remember that we can only assume that the first thing that prevails in these studios when they're making a choice about developing an aircraft or another is passion and will. They're developing what they want to see available on the platform, with funds that initially and generally come straight out of their own pockets. That means that they still have to make
  9. After seeing this video I bought a bunker with extreme lighting in fear of getting struck by lightning-fast CAS strikes during the night.
  10. Vous utilisez LOTATC en concordance avec votre projet? Ca m'a l'air tout à fait intéressant!
  11. Perhaps you should check this link out - It might just be what you're looking for : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2870946&postcount=1 Bonne fin de journée :)
  12. Sounds like a great clan. Will perhaps check it out at some point.
  13. Quent

    DCS 2

    Comme l'a souligné Azrayen, les équipes de ED travaillent actuellement toujours à l'adaptation du Caucasus en version T4 du moteur graphique. En tant que traducteurs, nous n'avons pas connaissance d'une fenêtre précise quand à une éventuelle fusion des versions 2.0 et 1.5. Pour ce qui est de DCS en version Alpha 2.0, c'est tout simplement une deuxième copie de DCS qui s'installe sur ton ordinateur si tu décides de la télécharger, dedans tu y retrouveras pratiquement tous tes modules (sauf parfois ceux des tiers partis qui sont encore en cours d'intégration en version T4) ainsi que la map NT
  14. Quent

    DCS 2

    Soon ™ © ®
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