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  1. Aw c'mon, the 25T is a pretty little beast :smilewink:
  2. Thank you. If I were asking a question that I thought might have been asked incessantly, I would have searched first. I'm a genuine aviation buff myself (studying for my PPL too), and I had never come across this story before, much less assumed that you all had been spammed with it. Sorry!
  3. Chill? You're the one who jumped down my throat for posting this. All I was doing was trying to pass along what I thought was an interesting little story. And again, I just joined, so I have no idea what gets posted here on a weekly basis. The only reason I even bothered to join was because this seems like a respectable and mature community, and not a bunch of prepubescent nitwits arguing over the A2A capabilities of their favorite fighter when their only base of reference is the fact that they've seen Top Gun 45 times.
  4. Are you seriously wondering whether this is real or not? Maybe this guy is hoping some silly third world country wires him $40 million for a test model.
  5. I wish everyone was as worldly and knowledgeable as you are. I'm new to this forum, so how would I know how frequently this gets posted? Besides, I specifically said "for those who haven't seen it". Does that apply to you? I didn't think so. Are you the token forum Nazi? And did I say that the F-15 was a badass plane? Was I asserting any kind of claim that its dominates the skies? No. Maybe the rest of the fools around here get into arguments about who has the better aircraft, but I'm not interested in those pointless debates. So please, stuff your useless commentary where your head a
  6. Hey guys, I believe this footage is old, but it's really interesting for those who have never heard the story. I saw it on the History Channel awhile ago. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b5a79a516c In short, an Israeli F-15 collides with another aircraft during a training accident. Fuel is spraying out of the right side of the aircraft, so the pilot is unable to see the extent of the damage. He expects to eject, however he eventually recovers from a spin and regains control of the aircraft, then proceeds to fly over 10 miles for a high-speed yet successful landing. Upon exiting the
  7. This thread has an expected lifespan that will be measured in minutes.
  8. Maybe you can fire ammo that you've buried in the desert, but that's a little different than climbing into a MiG you've just unearthed and taking it for a joyride.
  9. I just saw that mod here: http://www.hellenicsquadron.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=16 GG
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