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  1. After the real contructors of the gazelle had transform this racing helicopter in a bitza poorly done,to satisfy the army's request for a war helicopter. Now players want do worse. Another request added to the lot of stupidity,while the most of players are unable to manage correctly the module in his actual statut.
  2. I was just answering to the post about the engine don't start.It seems ?not? All the stuff following the start ,like method to warm up oil and so and so...is up to you. I did the warm up every time at 1500rpm with no damage in game. And like numerous player i didn't pilot a real Jug. Manual and other documents it's just reading for the long winters evenings Do what you want and have a good game.
  3. Hello:) Did you make an attempt with zones for triggers? I mean zones that activated on change of conditions. By this way IA have to cross the zone to make the trigger on,and while in the zone the trigger stills off. Good game.
  4. Salut:) Si le rudder en question est celui de thrustmaster? http://www.thrustmaster.com/fr_FR/produits/tflight-rudder-pedals il faut configurer les axes ceux qui correspondent aux freins droit et gauche sont identifiés dans le jeu par axe x et y
  5. Did the engine start or not? And main fuel tank has been opened in first. On video look what i do to the left side of my left leg down on floor
  6. Thanks for your comments;This kind of thread is very rare about the gazelle;The most of time all players complain. Check out your Pm please.
  7. If you follow the sequency and apply correctly all,it will be no problem to start that beast:) First use ground power and nothing else. Open fuel by selecting a tank check out: boost backward propeller full forward melange backward(off) throttle slightly forward battery on magnetos on both primer 5 or 6 time now energize starter for 10 to 15 seconds once done engage starter after 2/3 turns of propeller ,engage melange (two times forward=auto rich) that's all now wait temperatures before taxiing put parking brakes
  8. The trick is something following: When the cargo begins to swing go to external view. Now push the stick to put the helo over the cargo; I mean if the cargo goes left push on the stick by left,to the right if goes right,....and so and so until the cargo comes stable. Same thing forward or backward. After a few time you will be able to feel the cargo move and you will be able to correct the swing from internal cockpit.
  9. Following that link about the discuss from an Oculus dev
  10. You are right when saying that DCS's lights effect is the cause,sometimes. Another remark is about the "modelviewer".I don't know if you are using it,but the render is not exactly same in game. However the best way is to playing between "gradiant map" and "hue/saturation" to get the color desired, Avoid "brightness/contrast"if you have already use auto tone on your pic; And so and so....
  11. Hello:) Do you use the "gradiant map"with photoshop, to change the roughness part of skin? It has an impact on the final color and bright of your skin. Another stuff to get color close to the real model is to use the "match color" with photoshop.
  12. To "fisherman82"i don't know why you don't understand?Maybe my english is not good enough? However at each update of DCS i change the "pixel per display pixel override"from 1 to 2. To see if something has been done on VR code. And check it out in the game,without changing anything else. To compare i get in a cockpit,and change fov with keys binded.If the changing would be fluid i will keep the set to 2. Never saw this set to be fluid. Unfortunatly from the beginning of VR on this game,you can't get something fluid with a set above 1. But when you said th
  13. On a Windows 10 PC on Nvme SSD, intel 4.2 ghz proc, nvidia 1080,32 G ram. Game on an SSD. I tested the game with an Oculus Quest 2 and I usually play on an Oculus Rift S. The difference is on the one hand in the settings and then in the image quality. For the settings it only concerns the Oculus Rift S: you must use the oculus debug tool; Set the pixel per display pixel override to 1. And asyncronous spacewarp on force 45 fps, ASW enabled. In this way we obtain a very good compromise between image quality and fluidity. Perfectly playable and perfe
  14. Ahhh:) i'm a little bit disapointed. Why using NS430 on the Gazelle? NADIR is not enough,that you need a stuff doing same things.? I mean both are system GPS.(global positionning system) They do not use the same technology, but the result and the job are the same. Sorry but i think it will be easier to learn the NADIR. The system is fully functional. I say it friendly
  15. Too simple:)not enough informations. Please let us know which was your speed on take off? Which was your take off weight? And if you did bouncing on runway before you lift? Another remark is ;if you are on RTB after a combat ,check out your hydraulics. There are many causes that create weird behaviour. First check out your systems,i mean the aircraft systems?Check out his parameters and needles positions. A video could be useful:) Good game
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