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  1. Salut:) Je veux bien t'aider si j'en suis capable:)et si c'est possible? Mais ce serait mieux ,pour moi,de faire ça sur discord ,de vive voix. https://discord.gg/YwBwyuQ Si tu veux bien je t'attends tout le week end. A bientôt peut -être
  2. Salut As-tu essayé de lancer DCS après avoir lancé le logiciel Oculus? D'après ce que je lis de ta procédure de lancement tu lances DCS et celui-ci lance oculus? Si DCS ne se lance pas sans VR,le problème est différent et en effet une réparation est nécessaire. Si tu essaies de lancer DCS après avoir échoué sur un lancement en VR,dis toi que des fichiers ont été modifiés. Donc tu fais une réparation. Tu lances le logiciel Oculus; Tu mets ton Casque VR. Tu attends qu'il affiche son menu avec le fond blanc quadrillé. Tu verras dans la barre de
  3. For a question of design space sometimes the numbers on a magnetic's compas are shorter.But to offer the ability to recognize your position there are the four cardinals points pointed as : N , E ,S ,W. NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST. Thus when you see a number like 24 and this is close to W(for WEST),you know that is 240°. Same if the number 6 is close to E(for EAST),you know that is 60°. You have to keep in mind one of these pics,and think you are in the center. To help you have the gyroscopic compas. Once you know what is the direction you go,you will know in which direction you
  4. I hope this video could be significant.In fact you could shot down a FW190A,but you have to use more amunitions. With a good accurate firing you will be able to cut a wing. The weird thing is the Fw190A continue a while on one wing? Sorry "Nineline" all my tracks have been erased,it remains to me only a video.
  5. Salut:) Y'a aucun problème,ça marche:) Je viens d'essayer avec la dernière version DCS beta Je vais supposer que tu parles d'un helico IA?car tu ne le précises pas:) Il faut indiquer à l'helico quoi faire à chaque point de passage. Une zone de levage et une zone de dépose. Tu indiques ces zones dans les actions déclenchées. Un trigger sur la zone de levage. Tu ajoutes sur bascule de condition l'action "transport de cargo"comme suit: Declencheurs: sur bascule de condition..... Règles: unité dans zone..... Actio
  6. It's happend when the room is in too dark. Since i add a light on the ceiling just over the helmet,(an USB light connected),this never occurs more.
  7. Just a little word about brakes of warbirds:) As you certainly know there were only drum brakes fitted on that aircrafts. If you experencied already the drum brakes on a motorbike or any old machine with that kind of stuff,you are aware that they are not progressive when cold,and when too hot completly ineffective. Thus i don't know and don't even suppose the DCS and modules devs have integrated something like a difference of behaviour between a cold brakes and hot.? But in real life there is a difference noticeable. In facts with a cold brakes ,like you have when you land after a fl
  8. Salut:) my answer in french because i saw you are from Toulouse,and it will be easier to understand what i write:) Donc: Avant de reinstaller windows. As-tu essayé le "mode sans echec"? Ce mode de demarrage est un mode minimum generique pour eviter les problèmes de drivers. si non,fais le et désactive ta carte video,(desinstalle la). Ensuite ton ordinateur va redemarrer avec le driver generique. Cherche sur le web un driver different,plus recent ou même plus ancien. Installe le et redemarre. si le problème persiste change une nouvelle fois de driv
  9. Do you know what is meaning when talking about "induced roll". This effect happens when you push the rudder ,because the yaw push a wing to accelerate and other to slow that is creating a roll to the same side of the pedals you push. thus when you are piloting you may roll with the rudder pedals. It's mainly the stuff to be understood to trim your aircraft. first: If you roll you will loose you stability in pitch,thus you will have to reset your trim. Make some attempt from a stable flight without using the stick to roll. second: At each time you change the power you change the
  10. Salut:) Si tu as des difficultés avec l'anglais? En suivant ce lien tu trouveras d'autres liens qui peuvent te servir à poster un "ticket" par exemple. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/543/ ci-apres la traduction de ton post avec google trad: "hello everyone, sorry but I don't know how to search this forum to see if others have had the same problem ... Here, everything is in the title. I downloaded the update, and during the installation, the error message appears: inflate (-3) incorrect data check How can I do ? uninstall eve
  11. Yes:) the landing is horrible on my video:)besides i said i'm not an expert. You point out a landing on grass. I hope you know that on concrete and grass the ground effect is different. I perfectly understand that you want to bring the subject on a something of ingeneering useless. i don't care about what is the viscosity of oil ,the grease or the tires pressure...etc It's a game,not a laboratory. Anyway i maintain it could be better with a bit of practice,and no need any patch for that. It's my last word. Have a good game.
  12. Just practice and don't wait that thing becoming easy before. You are right when you say it's difficult. But it's not impossible. If at each time something appears a little bit hard ,the devs will have to change something in code,we will have a stupid game of flight and not a simulator. As i can say and you can see in video,i'm not an expert the stuff could be better.But it's not necessary to make waste the time of the devs with that things. Practice and practice.....
  13. Clouds trembling and bouncing even without VR. It's a little bit less but trembling,anyway.
  14. http://www.huey.co.uk/images/servicebook/Synchronized Elevator Control Installation 6-66.jpg
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