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  1. Did you make a color change to your rough_met files?with the gradiant map. SHINE to DULL P47-D
  2. It seems that the rough_met specification is made for changing reflection of metal surface from dull to shine. At least it's what i figure out,after several combinations of gradiant map. Thus if you do not have a graphic software like photoshop or else able to modify this gradiant map,you will see nothing noticiable.
  3. Hey:) i Don't know if it could be usefull?But before loosing your mind among a lot of legends and assertions of real flight,you have to practice a little,no? Furthermore on the game.It seems the least to do. So could you make a little test to see if you are able to shoot down something .And that with anykind of warbirds of DCS. Of course it's not an advise in any case or a teaching stuff.Just a test to see if you are able to do the more basics things.And it's only for your eyes. Check out the maximum continues setting of you engine(RPM and inlet).And do not change anything while you play t
  4. is that not a F16 throttle and stick? http://
  5. cromhunt

    DCS et la VR

    Bonjour:) Pour satisfaire votre curiosité et partager un peu d'experience:)voir ce qui suit: Sur un PC windows 10 sur SSD Nvme,proc intel 4.2 ghz,video nvidia 1080,32 G ram. Jeu sur un SSD. J'ai testé le jeu avec un Oculus Quest 2 et je joue d'habitude sur un Oculus Rift S. La difference est d'une part dans les réglages et ensuite dans la qualité d'image. Pour les réglages ça ne concerne que l'Oculus Rift S: il faut utiliser l'oculus debug tool; Mettre le pixel per display pixel override à 1. Et l'asyncronous spacewarp sur force 45 fps, ASW enabled. De cette façon on obtient un t
  6. DCS world beta won't start anymore crash report send
  7. Hello:) DCS won't start after last update.Give several try ,administrator or no,made repairs,clean all mods... on DCS World beta
  8. Hello:) DCS won't start after last update.Give several try ,administrator or no,made repairs,clean all mods... on DCS World beta
  9. Hello:) did you try to make a dogfight Mig15 versus Mig15,By this way you could learn where the Mig15 is weak and adapt your tactics on Mig19 maybe.Remember that AI makes every time the same tactics
  10. To get at time when they are ready to fly,before them;Make a mission with F10 menu to make start the AI. And select AI with"not controled" ticked.By this way you will be able to choose the moment when AI start.
  11. i don't know if these videos could be useful?But you could see what about the boom and zoom;And first be patient,the AI is not so good and always do same moves to follow it. Do like the AI does. [YOUTUBE]u2biZNxcNDo[/YOUTUBE] Sorry i don't have the Mig 19
  12. There is a simple way to change how start the engines in DCS between coldstar or auto start; Edit your mission,with the editor. Why do you not do that?i'm talking about only for mentioned missions: " Every single SP mission I get for the Hornet including paid DLC campaigns feature hot starts for the aircraft". I don't think "WTF"could change anything.
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