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  1. Quick question.. Took 109 out for a spin.....and couldn't! :) Struggled even to get an appreciable wing drop, Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? I don't believe its realistic?? Flying on simulation (not game) settings. Thanks to all. Ps on latest beta build
  2. Slew TDC is what you’re looking for. Narrow beam follows this.
  3. Thank you for posting this. I had same problem, and also wasn't able to edit a selected mission (eg to adjust ordnance). Your fix to rename DCS in Saved games folder saved a lot of sweat. :thumbup:
  4. Search is the tool.... And you are the man! Thank you.
  5. Do you have the BS2 module or the BS2 upgrade from BS1? Do other modules load slowly too?
  6. Well done, and thanks for testing this. Hope ED look in on this...... +1 rep for your hard work!
  7. I think that sparchy's main issue is with slow loading. There are a few threads on this and its not clear that its system performance-related. @sparchy If you have the patience, I'd suggest uninstalling the whole lot, then reinstalling all modules one by one other than BS2. This worked for me, still cant play BS2 in DCS:W though. :(
  8. Didn't know it was possible to uinstall just one module. I've been uninstalling the whole lot. Interseting finding, though. By the way....Good work on the Avatar and signature. All in the space of three posts. Can't wait to see what you've got by 100!
  9. Not sure its this simple. Load times with DCS:W, plus CA plus A10 plus P-51 are fine. The only problem comes when I install BS2. Even DCS:W with BS2 alone (without other modules) is slow +/- crashIng. Also HDD light (on SSD) not active most of the time.
  10. Install BS1, no need for patch. I don't know if it needs activating. Once BS2 installed, I don't think it matters if you activate before patching.... I agree that separate BS2 and BS2 upgrade is a waste of time and space. Also, ED now have to update BOTH modules whenever they patch.
  11. Which modules, if any, have you got installed? Several threads already on slow loading. Have a look and see if there's anything that helps.
  12. I have had similar problems. With me, everything is fine with DCS:W (and other modules) until I install BS2 (upgrade) module. Would you try uninstalling, then reinstalling everything except BS2 and see if its still slow.....
  13. I doubt your an anti-social person if you're from the Shnek! I have been having similar problem with multi and single player. I'm wondering if its a problem with the BS2 upgrade module. DCS world works fine until I install the BS2 module. I have re-installed BS2 to fly Ka-50. No-one from ED have replied so far in the couple of threads that exist on this problem. Hoping the next update will fix this. Right enough!
  14. Having the same issue. On my system it's only installing the BS2 module that slows everything down. Is your BS2 module the upgrade from BS1 ?
  15. Hi, There were a few posts about this 2 weeks ago. No-one else seems to be reporting this problem now, so I've started another thread. I am having extremely slow loading of BS2 in DCS:W and often freezes or hanging. In an attempt to fix this I've tried:- Updating the "original" version of 1.2.2 Uninstalling DCS: W and reinstalling this with modules (A10, P51, CA) in different order. Downloading the current version - and all current modules Installing these in different orders Uninstalling and re-installing Direct X and redistributable x64 and still.
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