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  1. Well if you go for 80ties solution, then you should have mentioned that before. Fillig the slots and then pulling a move like that, and have all the f16 that are signed up for the a2a role being pants down with aim9 only, well, dick move. Sorry to say so. 14th VFS Samurais will talk about it tomorrow if we continue to participate in Red Flag. Uncool move, all I can say. F14 still have the Aim7 to fight with, so not a biggy that they can not use the aim54. They should have enough support form the F16 and F18 to make some lills without their telephonebox sized missiles
  2. Hi, does anyone know which helmet texture is used for the viper pilot and where it is located? Thanks
  3. Guys, keep it civil. that goes to all of you. This topic is getting close to the risc of getting closed as many other topics where people pound on a topic ofver and over and over again. This goes out to @Fri13 @Alec Delorian @outlawal2. What is your point on jumping on every discussion about the gazelle and turn it into a "shit show" each time ? This is more aimed at Fri and Alec! I keep it professional as much as you let it flow from your side, but at some point, topics get closed because you dive into it over and over and over again. Seriously guys. You guys invest so much time in typin
  4. @Alec Delorian: You are also invited to join Low Level Hell discord and discuss with real helicopter pilots there all day helicopter theories with people from all ofver the world. It is very enjoyable as long you stay reasonable and nice
  5. I do understand what you mean. The fm update will also fix the problem of the cyclic of the gazelle. no worries. Still i have first hand evidence that a kiowa was flown hands of straight at safe altitude perfectly trimmed. the pilot is still able to give evidence of it. By that note I had done simikar with the huey ingame ;)
  6. @outlawal2: A helicopter will fly straight in no wind conditions as soon it is perfectly trimmed out. There are even videos on youtube where you can see such as evidence. I have seen one video where a father flys with his teen son a bell47 and he has no hands on the controlls for 2 or 3 minutes in the video or if he did corrections, he did a small input and hed the cyclic rest in its trimmed position again without touching anything. To add ontop, the guy had some gust winds aswell. After having seen this video over a year ago, I called one of the SMEs and asked him if this would be possible
  7. @Fri13, feel free to join the Low Level Hell Discord and bring up that topic and what you wrote under your nice little graphic. I assure you, you will recieve a lot of answers from real helicopter pilots on your false assumptions how a helicopter should fly, turn and so ever. I can only recommend you join there. The guys are generally nice and talk to anyone, as long you are not behaving out of the line.
  8. @FRI13: The implementions of whjat the AI pilot can already do are good enough in my opinion. Your micromanagement of you position, you can do at any time manually. About the Gazelle and an AI pilot ???? I do not see where we have mentioned that we are going to integrate that to the Gazelle, how do you come up with we "should" backport this to the Gazelle ? Should, would, could, have to or must???? Seriously.
  9. Fri13, We as a team hear your feedback, no worries. There was a reason why I posted it just as a small info only on one channel, discord. I recieve constantly via discord or facebook a daily messege with the main question" when will it release?". My intention was, because I did not know yet how long it would take to find a solution to the issue by the time I posted it, to let the hardcore fans or discord users, which are part of the community know, that we were hitting an obsticle that was serious. I am also asked weekly, when the next stream will happen and so on. Even virtual air nation had
  10. @Alec Delorean Please, stop talking about an issue when you have 0% of insight what happened. We do not depend on that change yet as you mentioned about the graphics. If you think you are smarter then we or ED is, ok, you can have our jobs. Just for you, to make you feel special and getting my special attention, as you ask for it seems in every of your posts, The issue had nothing to do with the displays showing grafics, It had to do with something way deeper in the code, where the Kiowa did not read any numeric data at all anywhere. So you see, you are speculating and as Albert Einstai
  11. We choose only one Hellfire, the K, mostly used as far I understand it, but I could be wrong. Aswell, there is no way that any specifics can be shared about the M version, either to us or anyone here or could be used ingame. Sorry. About the Hellfire variant we choose, I think for game purposes it does exactly what you expect it to do with any target. Keep in mind, in real life the different versions are there for a very very specific purpose, because real life is not a game, it has other rules.
  12. I am maybe once per week on the forum, not more often then that. The community manager and Swatstar98 are here more often.
  13. about the block 2, it is not going to happen. One of the reasons is, that last time we had a missile in the game that was superior, and we used infos from people that knew more about it then the community, we got a shit ton of flag for it. My reason to not give the community a block 2 is based on the behavior of people in the community. What my heart wants does not matter, but I do not want any discussion later on from people that think they know more abput the weaponsystems then our SMEs and start thier hate war on us. Sorry, enough is enough at some point which results sometimes that
  14. Ok, to maybe get the salt out of the topic a bit, I might link in here ? Why are we not integratging the GAU19. Simple, we talked tot he SMEs. The GAU19 was tested, even one of the SMEs did test it. Another one has seen the maintenance reports as crew chief. There were numerous reasons why it was not fielded. The fact it was not fielded and used in an operational manner and has not been deliverred to any operational unit for anything else then testing stuff, made me call, with the vote of the team, that the M3P 50 cal was the gun to go with only, cause it was the ine that was used for many
  15. @Polychop Simulations: Maybe I should create a factory livery, that has no markings and even missing color on certain panels and release only that one ;), maybe then people are satisfied ???? I love this topic the most of all the Kiowa topic created during the past wekks or months ;) Just as a sidenote, it went up to 27 US Army Liveries, cause a few were added by requestof some people in the KIOWA WARRIOR community of former pilots and crewchiefs.
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