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  1. I remembered reading about the same problem in the Heatblur Tomcat section: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...6-missile-view The last post in the thread mentions "RCtrl - Num+", but there's no reply, if it solved the problem. Hope it helps!
  2. Same here. I was sure the new update ( would address the problem, but no luck. F-15 axis still don't work. Kinda frustrating!
  3. Hi guys! Whenever I use TrackIR 5 with Lock On FC2, the game does not use the custom View Angle I put in the "SnapViewDefault.lua". When I center TrackIR (default key F12) I would like to have a slightly zoomed out position, but no matter what number I put in the SnapViewDefault.lua file, the view angle for my F-15 changes only, when I don't use TrackIR. Here is what I mean exactly: Snap[8][13]["viewAngle"] = 88 When I change the value in this line, the viewAngle ingame changes only, if I don't use TrackIR. When I do use it, then I get an more "zoomed in" Cockpit ViewAngle, when
  4. Ditto! Unfortunately, no official word on the issue yet!
  5. Thanks for the picture. You're right of course it's not an important issue at all! A few more pictures than just the one that's included would have been nice, that's all. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to them!
  6. Same "problem" here! I can't find any additional pilot photos either. The "PilotLogBook\Pilots" folder, which is mentioned in the PDF-file, that comes with the game (lockon_fc2_gui_manual_en.pdf), doesn't exist for FC2. There is one for the original Lock On, but if you wanted to use those pictures, you'd have to convert them first, since they're bitmaps. Eventhough inserting your own pics or pics you found on the internet is quite simple, I would like to have a small selection of neutral photos (pilot with helmet, mask and visor down) for the different countries, included in the game.
  7. @Nickhawk Thanks for the screenshots. Your results confirm the lighting issue. Also for Black Shark. @Ozburne I actually thought that Nickhawk meant the original Lock On, when he mentioned 1.0.1. The same thing you posted before: In the original Lock On Full Shadows and dynamic lighting would work together.
  8. Thanks for the extensive testing! Your results match mine exactly. I'm not sure if the graphics engine is even capable of providing all the effects simultaneously. I don't think there's gonna be a patch adressing that. Obviously it's not a critical issue, but worth discussing nonetheless!
  9. I'm not sure if it's a bug or feature, since heavies and heavy bombers usually don't fly as multiships. I just create separate flights, if i wanna have 'em airbourne simultaneously.
  10. Hey Ozburne! You know what? I'm pretty sure I don't get any effects during daylight either! I assumed that was just how the graphics engine works. I can't remember if those effects worked during daylight in version 1.12. Anything I posted refered to evening / night ops! Go ahead and check your lighting effects at night time (if you haven't already)! I'm almost certain they work on your system too! Please let me know, how burner glow, flares and weapon effects work for you during night missions!
  11. I tested full shadows vs. all planar and also modded install vs. reverted to standard install. The only thing missing for me, is the afterburner glow! That goes for both, full shadows and all planar! The illumination effects from flares and weapons seem to work fine! Attached are some screenshots: The first shot is from Oxyds Afterburner Mod, showing the glow I mean. The 3 screens after that are with full shadows and a modded install, the following 2 are with all planar shadows and a modded install and the final two are with full shadows and without Mods (removed with ModMan). Li
  12. Hahaha! This is me, right now: :doh: I checked under "Missions" ingame yesterday but I didn't pay attention, that the missions you mentioned were right there (I just found them!). Instead, I jumped in the F-15C DACT folder and looked there, finding nothing of course. Since the campaigns have similar names, I assumed they might be campaign missions. Anyways, the bottom line is: :doh:!!! I'll check 'em out later and let you know! EDIT: Also in the english download version there are those russian "leftovers" that were not translated. I tested Blinding Action. Yeah, maybe it'll be fi
  13. Are those campaign missions? I wanted to check the ones you mentioned, but I didn't find 'em. I'm still new to FC2 and I use the Editor mostly, when I don't fly online. I use the english download version of FC2, so I could check if it has the same issues. Can you tell me where to look?
  14. But in 1.12 the afterburner glow also worked with full shadows, didn't it? I pretty sure it did. Curious, that it doesn't work anymore with FC2. An official answer would be nice, indeed! I just noticed (also in earlier LockOn versions) that only your own jet has the full shadows while your wingman seems to have only the "all planar" ones. I didn't pay attention to the afterburner yet, but considering what Ozburne said it does make sense. You: Full shadows, no burner glow Wingman: All planar shadows, afterburner glow visible I use Gys F-15C model. No luck with the burner il
  15. Hi guys! I noticed that the afterburner in FC2 doesn't illuminate the tail section of the aircraft anymore, like it used to do in 1.12! Can somebody verify that, or is my LockOn installation screwed up somehow? :huh: Flares for example do illuminate the aircraft, however.
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