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  1. But does the above not work for both of you too? Changing it Windows settings?
  2. Ha, that's mad - small world! Thanks for video so!
  3. Didn't need to start another thread. Found the solution fairly readily - Left is 1, right is 2 for the A10C. I've three so set the third as 3. Its probably broken all my bindings for the other aircraft but I'll get over it! Thanks for the help all.
  4. @=Panther=Is there any work around? What I thought I was going to do won't work with dissembling my sim pit... which I'd really rather avoid!
  5. @FOXFIRE TWOONE; yes there's somethings attached but not as they should be. @=Panther=What! That's nuts. Ok thanks for confirming its an issue. I guess I could work it around to change the others back. No justification was even for same no? Has it been logged as a bug?
  6. I don't follow you. I've three MFDs and need to the move the assignments from on to another as that's how they're laid out in real life.
  7. Hi, I've a few modules and installed the A10C II today and I cannon bind my keys as I wish to as certain options are grayed out. See image attached with the yellow box around it. How can I "un" gray these areas so I can apply the keybinds? I've other modules installed and set-up with a lot of custom key binds so not in a rush to reset everything! Thanks for any help
  8. Thanks I had played around the the VSYNC previously but didn't give any joy. Trying to get a help with Helios at the moment as can't even get that running.
  9. Hey, I've installed the most recent edition and installed the F18 profile and I've green ticks in "Interface status" except for one; "DCS Monitor Setup" which has an orange triangle at with the following line "interface "DCS Additional Viewports" is providing additional viewport patches but this profile uses a third-party solution for those" Also I get a similar error with the Helios Control Center; { "Product": "Helios", "Version": "1.6.3426.4", "Items": [ { "Report": [ { "TimeStamp": "03/02/2021 07:49:11.929 am"
  10. Hi, I've recently changed main monitor and the new one can support 144Hz. Previously I had set-up main monitor and my three DDIs to output to three smaller screens with the guide here https://www.vaipe.net/homecockpit/dcs-hornet-ddis-and-mfcd-to-external-monitor/ which was nice and easy to follow. But the issue is when I do this for the new set-up it forces the main screen to max of 60hz which I presume is the max of the small screens. I've tried to install Helios and I'm not getting it to work (at all) - but I'm not sure it will/can do the above; keep the main screen
  11. @zippoa - perfect yea that worked a treat, wasn't just the gamma I needed though, "digital vibrance" maxed out with Nvidia has it looking well - thanks again.
  12. Hi, I've followed the EXCELLENT guide here - https://www.vaipe.net/homecockpit/dcs-hornet-ddis-and-mfcd-to-external-monitor/ And its working extremely well bar one issue - the DDIs look rather dull and dark on the other screens. The screens themselves are capable of brighter tones but seems the output from DCS is rather dark. Example below, one with CCD (which really shows it) and one with FLIR (not as obvious); https://imgur.com/a/yrnEV9K Thanks for any help.
  13. Thanks for this. Interestingly recently I haven't found it too bad, I changed some of the graphic settings for DCS and I think this might have helped. The other huge thing is now that the FLIR is projected to the HUD!! This alone made it really handy to find targets.
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