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  1. Not sure what happened, but after initially being able to look around with my trackir and clicking the cockpit switches, now I can't click any cockpit switches?! I even hit the LALT+c keys and the mouse cursor in the cockpit is enabled but I am unable to get the little green directional icons over the switches when I mouse over them, and when I try to click on them it doesn't do anything. Such as the Master Arm On switch, I can't enable it either with the mouse cursor or when I click on the LALT+w keys. Come to mention it, I can't even lower the gear with the G key. What gives?
  2. Great Job! and Thank-you for doing this. I will also be buying the Western version when it comes out, but this will keep-me over until they release it. Thanks again.
  3. Multiviper, can you please explain how you got funds from paypal to webmoney? Trying to purchase it myself. Thank-you.
  4. Как я могу получить TrackIR работать? У меня нет "Черная акула, но возникли другие проблемы, сделать его работу.
  5. I hear alot of people having trouble trying to figure out how to get TrackIr to work. Hopefully someone that has gotten it to work will post here in the english forums for you guys, since even the russian forums translated with babelfish make little sense. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out how to purchase it from here in the U.S.
  6. I too am interested in doing it the way Multiviper just asked. Can someone that has already gone thru the process, PM me or email me, I'll get my paypal to deposit funds in your account and you purchase it for me and email me the download link. This way I can enjoy it over here in the USA.
  7. I see thatmost everyone ordering/downloading it has purchased it from the UK. Has anyone had success purchasing it from the states, and if so can anyone help me order it? 1 more question: Download version seems to be fastest way to get this sim ( and yes I will also buy western version when it is out), but hopw many activations do you get with your purchase? FYI: I have a paypal account so please help me in using it for payment if possible.
  8. If anyone can post a link to the comms from the Virtual Thunderbirds I would like to get a copy of the audio only, so that I can make an avi with the comms and track together.
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