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  1. Stinky Lone wolf American F-15,A-10c Available for both dates Read and agree to rules
  2. Callsign: Stinky Prefered Aircraft: A-10c /Heuy
  3. http://youtu.be/jxVNJZcb0Ig?list=UUskR8fnSV50tJrkQpv6jlfg
  4. The Marines and Navy don't spend 90% of their time on CAS. They learned their lesson in doing that before.
  5. I was wondering if any groups were going to switch? If not is anyone wanting to create one? I would happily be a part and help with what ever I can.
  6. I want to see if their is one I have spent about 2 hour googling and i could not find one that is compatible for all of the models.
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