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  1. Hi all, Vampire the project continues his way:smilewink:, but between which the family has grown :smilewink: and which at the work we have been employed more that in normal conditions, scarcely I have had time to do nothing in the project, but I keep on working when the time allows it to me:smilewink:. Here I put a few Render of little work that I have realized in this time, I hope now that we are in summer and with the arrival of the holidays I have slightly more of time and it moves forward more the project, whenever the family allows it to me:smilewink:.
  2. Hi peyvolt Big work the one that you are doing, he excuses that till now it did not see this post, but I have been a little disconnected. This time of behind I did a model of the C-101 of more quality that that you be use in this project, if you need it there would no be problem in spending it to you. http://www.serafimov.com/public/phpBB2_2/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=901&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15 http://www.foro3d.com/f37/casa-c-101-aviojet-fs-2004-a-47796.html A greeting and good hunting.
  3. Hi all, I am finishing a new Skin for the UH-1, but in this occasion it is a Spanish Army (Famet). The work is finished, is for lack of creating the Mod, making use of the new application of the Modman to create new slot. I hope that this new skins should be of the taste of all and the people should install it to herself. I put a few screenshot of the work to you. A greeting and good hunt.
  4. Hi all, To be able to create one new textures slot for the Harrier. Important! Backup all of original file and always use Notepad++ to file modification. To create one I file.skins with the name "Harrier.skins" that it puts: To rename texture of the Harrier to "Harrier_GR7_PAINT01" A greeting and good hunt.
  5. Hi all, Xjikz!!!..., A good video:smilewink:, thank you very much for the contribution:smilewink:. A greeting and good hunt.
  6. Hi all, BaD CrC and Xjikz thank you very much for these so magnificent photos and the video, all the information is and it will be well received:smilewink:. On the project I have to say that I have it a little stopped by questions of my work and cannot dedicate the time that he needs to continue:(, I hope now that I have summer holidays can dedicate time and move forward it a little more:smilewink:, but do not worry that I keep on being employed at it:smilewink:. Thank you again for these photos and for those that they could facilitate to me:thumbup:. A greeting and good hunt.
  7. Hi all, samuel150892 I hope I can answer correctly his questions.:smilewink: The panels of the cockpit are shaped in 3d but as you can see they are not defined, the instruments of the different panels would be realized by textures, because this model would be the one that the IA would take, therefore it is not necessary to realize a complex cockpit and all the images that see sound render of the model in 3d of the Tiger that I am doing.:smilewink: The interior of the cockpit is shaped in 3d with a simple modeling of the same one, taking like the exterior part of the model as
  8. You are right Joey45:smilewink:, I have given a rapid visit and it has very interesting things this Link:smilewink:, as it is said in my country that it has of everything how in pharmacy, "tienen de todo como en Botica":D. It is a very advisable link:smilewink:. Thank you again joey45 for sharing it:smilewink:. A greeting and good hunting.
  9. Hi all, :shocking::clap_2:Fantastic link joey45!!!....:thumbup::thumbup:, it has great quantity of details of the interior of the Tiger that comes very well at the time of doing the damages model:smilewink:. Thank you very much again for this link joey45:smilewink:. A greeting and good hunting.
  10. Hi all, Thank you Mugatu, to fantastic video:smilewink:. Just to say to them that I keep on working, the only thing that with the arrival of the summer holidays, the work multistings and the steals that I dog devote is minor:(. I put a Render to them in which I have worked in these days, by lack of time I have not been able to do much more:smilewink:. The Cockpits are those of the exterior model, and there will be the base to shape the future cockpits of the Tiger. Cockpit of the pilot of the Tiger.:smilewink: Cockpit of the gunner of the Tiger.:smilewi
  11. Hi all, Yes I have worked in the model:smilewink:, but there are not many differences with respect to previous render, except for the completion of the principal rotor and the interior of the cockpits for lack of the HUD of the pilot and of the HID of the gunner:smilewink:. I hope I start with the textures and put some render:smilewink:, thanks for the interest:smilewink:. A greeting and good hunting.
  12. Просто фантастическая!!!.....:smilewink:, большая работа:thumbup:. Приветствие во все.
  13. Первое состоит в том:(, чтобы просить прощения за мое написание, так как мои знания его языка она недействительная, и как сказал Laivynas, использовал переводчик:), следовательно конечно многие из вещей, что я говорю, не имели чувства для Вас. Второе извиняться снова, если я не отвечаю хорошо на его вопросы, но в пользу мотива, который я сказал раньше, иногда я не понимаю хорошо того, что они означают. Я должен говорить, что в английской части форума он, где я комментирую более просторно тему Tiger:smilewink:, конечно же, если какой-либо из Вас пишет испанский язык и хочет спросить у мен
  14. Спасибо он радует меня, что им понравился внешний вид модели, я продолжу работать в этом, чтобы видеть, в какой-то день можем ли мы видеть, как это летает в этом великолепном симулянте:smilewink:. Приветствие.
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