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  1. I had this exact same issue recently. It was about a 2 week turnaround from when I contacted Virpil until I had a brand new cable in my hands. It was an easy fix. The problem is a defective cable in the base not the stick. My stick is functioning fine now. It took me about 5 minutes to fix the problem once I had the cable. You may be just waiting for them to have replacement cables in stock.
  2. The Kiowa is a day 1 purchase for me as long as the price is fair. The same for the Hind and any other helicopter that gets produced for DCS because I love helicopters and I want more companies to produce them. Every purchase I make from ED, I'm taking a chance. When will it be finished? Will I enjoy it, will it drop in price 50% in a few months? Will there ever be a proper map to fly it on? The most important question above is "will I enjoy it?". Watching all of the videos made by the real world Kiowa pilot working on the project, I'm more comfortable with this purchase then I am o
  3. I watched a youtube video by Rod White yesterday stating this was recently resolved and things are back on track.
  4. Great price. I may have missed it somewhere but are all of the SP campaigns I purchased for the A10 going to be compatible with the new module?
  5. Virpil advised this morning that a new cable is being shipped out today. I'm very pleased with the quick customer service this time around. I really hate having to use the old X55 again.
  6. Last fall I decided I wanted to take the plunge and upgrade my HOTAS from my 6yr old X55. It was still working but the joystick never felt precise to me especially when flying Helicopters. I took the plunge and bought my first Virpil product which was over twice the price of my X55 once it was shipped and customs was added. It felt great and I was very very pleased with the product. A year later, I'm now experiencing my second problem with Virpil gear. I have owned the WarBrd base and MongoosT-50CM2 grip for the past year and it is mounted on a Monstertech mount. I have only the one
  7. Well, that made my mind up now. G2 it is. I've never had a Facebook account and never will except for the shadow account they setup for all of us against our will and without our knowledge.
  8. John Stealey of MicroProse has developed “Titan”. He describes it as “a world rendering mil-sim software which he plans to use under MicroProse. I wonder what for? As far as ED making more money, I think it would be easy. Start pumping out WAY more single player campaigns for the many modules they already have. They have admitted that the vast majority of their customers don’t touch multiplayer so start catering to your bread and butter. I may not buy every module ED makes but I do buy every campaign that is made for the modules I own. Pump these out on a continual basis until the dyn
  9. MSFS 2020 launches on August 18 so I guess we won’t have long to wait to find out how it will affect DCS. Microsoft also made a combat sim in the past. Do you no think they may in fact be planning to add a combat portion to their platform? I think we would be nieve to not expect that to follow and Nick Grey probably knows this. MicroProse is also getting back in the market and who knows what they have planned for the future. I think all of this is a positive for the hobby.
  10. It was designed for MS2020. I think they may possibly have a Yoke on the way. No evidence of that though.
  11. I'm more interested in seeing what a little old company like MicroProse brings to the table over the next couple of years. That is where the competition is going to come from. If we see a Falcon5 with a dynamic campaign all bets are off! I love DCS and I've been buying their products for years but healthy competition is good for the hobby. MicroProse is the whole reason I got into flight sims. After listening to a recent interview, I think some serious competition may soon be coming down the pipe. I'm almost entirely a single player as are the majority of DCS players. I find that having
  12. Is anyone noticing that this still seems to be an AI issue? The new channel map for me is beautiful but mostly unplayable when there is a number of AI in the air. Smooth as butter when just flying around in free flight but go into instant mission and hit furball and my 2080ti and 9700k get dragged right down to 28fps and the stutters begin after flying well above 70fps or more in free flight or one on one dogfighting. It's very frustrating!
  13. I think this is the most beautiful map I've ever flown over in DCS. I'm sure if there are very obvious points of interest like the castle missing they can be added over time if customers request it. There is tweaking to be done on performance but I'm mostly flying buttery smooth. That 2600k is probably your problem Holbeach. I do agree that if you are going to claim it's period accurate it should be within reason.
  14. I tried downloading all night and it was still stuck this morning. I had to re-start it again. It's presently downloading at 1.1mb/sec..lol. Ontario Canada. All good, everything downloaded without effort this morning.
  15. Looks like an amazing patch. Especially so soon after the last one. Great work ED.
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