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  1. No clue what you mean by tank target. I understand what you mean with the correlated and uncorrelated targets, that all works fine as far as I can tell. However with a correlated Hostile target in TWS there is no difference between a TWS track file and a not bugged TWS system file. For an Unknown target the progression from search contact-> TWS track file -> TWS System file -> Bugged TWS system file is like this: little white square -> big white square (Full) -> big whtie square (hollow) -> big white square (hollow) with circle around it For a Hostile ID target its: little white square with hollow red triangle -> Full red Triangle -> Full red triangle -> Full red triangle with circle Is there really no symbology difference for a Hostile Track file and System file? Currently its compounded by the fact that you cant designate TWS targets if you have anything bugged as well.
  2. Just go to the User files on the digitalcombatsimulator.com website and search for sound mods. Its pretty close to the top.
  3. There is still no difference between a Tracked target and a System target symbology for an aircraft ID'd as hostile though. Makes it impossible to see which targets you are marking for TWS unless you cycle through them with the bug, or you turn off the datalink and get the Unknown symbols back.
  4. Works for me. Just installed it with JSGME as normal.
  5. Ok I made a track in the Caucausus Fighter intercept Instant action mission and tried to demonstrate several things: 1. The HOTAS command to switch from TWS to RWS is currently 2xTMS down. Every F-16 manual Ive found online says that this should be 3xTMS down and not 2. 2. With the Datalink on, the FCR page shows Datalinik symbology for hostile targets. In the TWS video this was only the case for targets not detected by the ownship radar, or not within the scan volume. Currently there is also no symbology difference between a Track file and a System for targets with Datalink Symbology in the FCR. Both are shown as a Correlated hostile target (Filled red triangle). 3. TMS up actions (turning a search contact to a track file or turning a track file into a System file) do not work while a target is bugged (except for STT locking the bugged target). To mark multiple system files you must first "un-bug" whatever you have bugged, and then it works. Both for the normal White square symbology and the datalink symbology. As I mentioned above there is no difference between a Track file and a System file for the Datalink symbology though, which is why I think some people are having trouble locking targets (or multiple targets) with the datalink on. 4. No datalink symbology is shown in EXP mode at all on the FCR. The currently bugged target is also not shown in EXP mode, whether the Datalink is on or off (white square or red triangle). The track was too big to upload here so I put it in dropbox. I think it should be publicly downloadable but maybe I forgot a setting somewhere so please let me know if it doesnt work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqvw0lxcxwfvizv/F-16%20TWS%20Bug%20Report.trk?dl=0
  6. I noticed this too. I thought the datalink tracks werent even supposed to show on the FCR unless they werent being picked up by the radar?
  7. Bumping this as I have the same problem. RWR Tgt Sep doesn't work when bound to a controller.
  8. The direction they point has to do with the radar being a B-Scope display I'm pretty sure. The HSD will show the true heading, but I'm pretty sure the radar shows the trails such that a trail pointing towards the bottom of the screen is coming directly at you, and towards the top is flying directly away. ie targets flying parallel will not necessarily show parallel tracks. As to why the lines show up in RWS idk.
  9. Thanks :D I spoke with a friend who knows a bit about F-16s he said that originally it was a software difference between US F-16s and Foreign sold ones for the Triangle vs Squares in the Radar screen. Guess they were just testing it out. Also confirmed that as you guys say it has nothing to do with friendly or enemy or any sort of datalink symbology.
  10. I understand what you're saying, but thats not consistent with the behaviour in the TWS video. Yeah thats the photo I meant. Maybe you're right and it was just a WIP thing for some reason. I guess we'll have to play around with it when the patch comes.
  11. I mean im not saying you're wrong but I still don't understand why or in what case the contacts become a triangle instead of a square like they are in the video.
  12. The other sim does have datalink........ Its possible its an older model or a simplified implementation but it is in there. Wags mentioned in the video that the Triangle shape was associated with hostile targets (although the way it was said it could have been just for the red ones, like I said it would be nice to have more clarity). Not really sure what you mean by tracked either. In the TWS video the radar shows "Track Files" as Filled in white squares, and when you designate them with the Cursor you get System files which are hollow white squares. Then if you bug them you get a circle around it.
  13. In the Viper Updates thread theres a photo of the radar screen with hollow white triangles in TWS mode... Didnt see those in the DL video...? Anybody familiar with those? Triangle would indicate hostile but they were white not red? Some sort of more in depth info on the HAFU/IFF/Datalink symbology would be cool. Seems to be different to the Datalink Symbology in the other Viper Sim.....
  14. reworking the Mustang sounds? Or are we getting another Mustang variant? :P
  15. for whatever reason takeoff assist is on in the a-8 in the server....... very annoying
  16. It is both due to an increase in induced downwash and changes in the lift distribution & Cl of the wing. And the Drag.
  17. As long as the profile of the wing hasn’t changed (ie the flaps don’t deploy) there shouldn’t be a change in downwash at the tail anyway, which means this is still a bug. What yo yo is saying is that the pitch moment of the wing resulting directly from the change in lift distribution is simulated as it should be, but that the downwash that the wing induces at the tail is scripted, and at least the part which sompensates fer flap deflection may be linked to the actuator pressure (which could change regardless of whether the flaps move or not).
  18. Phil is referring to a change in pitching moment, and not an CG change.
  19. Mainly the wing AFAIK, but I’m not an expert on either. I’m sure there was a number of smaller changes as well when they did the redesign.
  20. As cool as a Tempest would be the Typhoon would be more important for Normandy. They were more numerous and definitely played a large role flying from the ALGs after DDay. I’d fly either but I think the Typhoon would be more interesting. Especially with its reputation of being beloved by its pilots but sort of seen as not quite a success in its intended role by most.
  21. There was slated to be a Typhoon AI too, but the list has disappeared from all official sources so who knows what the plans are atm.
  22. You have clearly not read any of the last several posts, nor do you understand what a G-6 is. The Dora fuselage is also not "significantly different" to an A-8. With the exception of the engine (+cowling & cooler) and the slightly lengthened tail it is the same aircraft.
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