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  1. Nope. She definitely turns like she used to again. Seems like the roll got slower again and the energy bleed increased as well. Pretty much feels the same as how it was before.
  2. The trim function you're mentioning is only really useful in cruise. Sure it's not realistic but if someone wants to joyride in the 109 with a bit more ease then whatever, to each their own. In single player it doesn't matter and seeing as it doesn't affect combat it's not really that big of a deal. I wouldn't use it but hey that's just me. The speeds in combat change so fast that trimming makes no sense. You'd be more accurate and faster just doing it yourself. The built in auto rudder in the options is more of a cheat than this is...
  3. Talisman the target script you're talking about only changes the inputs given to dcs. It can't overcome limitations models by ed ie stick forces. I think those guys are just using it so that they don't need a stick extension to hold aileron inputs on a joy flight. Other than that I don't think anyone uses it.
  4. I'm sorry if what I said came across as "lol who cares lets just play warthunder" but that was certainly not the point I was trying to convey. DCS is excellent because of its depth and accuracy, as I said (multiple times) these things should be tuned and worked at as best as possible/achievable in a manner that delivers realistic results. All I was saying is that in the meantime people should focus on flying not harassing ed and or anyone who will listen about how they only get shot down because of bugs or some obscure perceived fm fault which has little bearing on combat effectiveness in dcs. If there is real proof of 109 disadvantages which ed can did a good way to simulate I am 100% for its inclusion in the sim. In the meantime I'll enjoy what is still a superb combat flight sim.
  5. The rudder/aileron trim script you are referring to cannot overcome the max stick deflection limits built in at speed in the 109. Therefore they have no bearing or effect on the max achievable roll/yaw rates etc achievable at a given speed. The only difference it makes is that the player doesn't have to balance the controls but use the trim hat. Impractical for combat flying considering how much this balance varies during turns climbs dives etc. It's a bit of a hack but by no means an autopilot aimbot for the 109. Both pilot and machine are important. A machine can only give so much but it will only give it to a pilot who knows how to squeeze that performance out of it. Figuring out how to do this is what makes dcs fun for me. As it stands the 109 and the mustang are more closely matched than ever. This will change once the slats return but no one can say for sure by how much. It is by no means impossible to win in a mustang. There are plenty of pilots who do it. I see them behind me every time I hop on the server. Most of the time in dcs at the moment if you lose you've either made a mistake or you're new and still learning etc. I got killed a lot when starting out as well and I still do. An extra 200 hp won't help a pilot who doesn't know how to use it. There are so many comments on the server chat and in the forums about the 'bs 109' and the op 109 damage model that some people here are getting tired of hearing it. Especially when there are real people who regularly manage to overcome all of these insurmountable problems and kill us anyway. I don't think any of us are saying that dcs in its current state is perfect and nothing should be changed. The mustang deserves a period comparable engine rating/ac configuration. ED has said this is coming. The damage models are a problem for pilots on both sides. ED is working on it. At the end of the day a simulation can only hope to come so close to reality. ED is doing their best to get these things as accurate as possible but it takes time. I think some people here would find more success/have more fun if they put that stuff to the side for a bit and just accepted that the aircraft is what it is (for now, once again not saying that we should ignore problems, just that we need to have some patience for the things that ED has already said are coming) and spent some time figuring out how to use it to its full potential. When the slats got closed we all got used to it, adjusted our fighting style and moved on. Sure it's a bit annoying and not right but tbh after a week of flying it I'm hardly bothered any more. It should be fixed but I'm still having fun in the meantime.
  6. Well sure Yo Yo won't work on the netcode. He'll work on FMs for other aircraft. Either way it's time spent 'fixing' things that arguably aren't broken. Also I never suggested that pilot/plane combo is unimportant. As you said both play and important role and a pilots ability to make use of his aircrafts performance (ergonomics) is a valid part of any simulation. The stick forces are one example of a good implementation of this concept. However the point I was trying to make was that the suggestions such as restricting flaps/trim use would be very difficult to implement and likely cause more headaches than they would solve. So let's say for a moment that the snug pit in the 109 was really a lasting and large hindrance and not something you get used to as some of the quotes above suggest. How do we simulate a tight cockpit? I for one am not in the market for a thrustmaster head smacked that whacks me every time I fly a roll... Once again I'm not suggesting we ignore the details and intricacies of aircraft performance. Those are the things that separate dcs from other sims. Just saying we should consider what we can realistically implement and how.
  7. I think that the things we are talking about here are for one very difficult to simulate accurately and secondly would have a very minimal effect on the end simulation itself. At the most all it will be is a bit of a change in habits and maybe in extreme cases tactics for the 109 drivers but in the end the result will be the same. He (or she) who knows his/her plane better and has practiced with it will win. A quick google search for 'il2 Anthropomorphic controls' will tell you just about all you need to know about how well the attempt at such features in il2 went and how the community received it. If I can't use trim in combat whats to stop me from flying around with full tail heavy trim and adjusting the curves to set a new 'zero point' for the stick so I don't have to push the whole time. With the current FM (no slats) flaps use in combat is more problematic than it's worth and before it was useful but by no means a decisive advantage. These things will affect my approach to landing more than they will any dogfight. TBH making something like this takes time and effort which IMO would be better spent fixing the more important issues in DCS WWII atm such as netcode, new assets/flyables etc.
  8. We don't know atm. Most people say it 'feels' like it's not just visual but we all know how much scientific value our feelings have :P. Only definitive answer can come from ED.
  9. Actually I think what eekz was saying is true. Would make sense with the 'clamping' description in the changelog as well. Essentially it takes your input and if you have more stick movement that the theoretical max displacement at that speed then it just ignores it.
  10. Since the update yesterday the slats no longer deploy. Tried it at multiple speeds and altitudes and they never come out. Not sure if it's only the visual model but since the changes in turn performance are pretty drastic since the update I'd assume they aren't being factored into the flight model either. I think alot of people would appreciate some sort of info from the devs about what all was actually changed in the 109 FM and why, considering the changelog was somewhat vague.
  11. I can pretty much say the same about my experience but I think that it's due to my lack of P-51 experience and since I'm used to the 109 I sometimes try to fight it like it is one, which simply doesn't work. If you try you'll usually stall all over the place and feel like your airplane is underpowered. I get a similar feeling when I sit in the Dora. I don't know how to make use of my advantages so I try multiple things, some of which are from my 109 'instincts'. I agree that I can control the fight more in the 109 but thats cause I know how to fight its strengths and to force my oponent to do what I want him to. To be fair doing these things in the Mustang is probably somewhat more abstract and harder to understand/get used to and practice with. The 109's style suits the classical perception of a dogfight where its all about turning better than the other guy and getting above him. Turn and climb are easy for people to understand whereas I feel like Mustang tactics are maybe slightly less intuitive/require a more thorough understanding of how air combat works. Like I said it's obviously not impossible. The best thing to do is find the guys who know how to do it and see if they would be so kind as to share some of their secrets with you :P
  12. Whilst I can understand that its frustrating sometimes pointless is a bit of an exaggeration. Sure it's not as intuitive to fight in but there are several pilots who come to mind when I think of the P-51 who can mop the floor some pretty good 109 drivers. Likewise there are people who are incredibly proficient in the 109. When I first started in the Bf 109 I went and flew into furballs with plenty of targets often only to get killed time and time again without coming close to having someone in the gunsight. I think i hit 0-9 K-D in one night at some point. Frustration isn't unique to the mustang and whilst she may be in need of a more period suitable engine setting, she certainly isn't a slouch in the right hands.
  13. Whilst this is frustrating the DM's being inconsistent is nothing new. Sometimes the 109 is like a tank but I can't tell you how many times Ive taken what seems like a single round or piece of shrapnel and had the prop pitch say goodbye instantly, irrellevant of where it hits. Same goes for the Stang. Sometimes they go down real quick, a crazy deflection shot with a few mk108 and mg hits and its burning or a good burst of 13mm in the engine is often an insta kill. That being said I've had other times where I've put holes upon holes upon holes in that thing and seen it smoking out of every orifice and seen it turn around at fly home. As sith said the new DM is coming, nothing to do but make the best of it and wait a little longer. What irks me more is the netcode not showing AoA atm but that's a separate topic.
  14. Sounds awesome. If there's anything I can do to help out I'll gladly lend a hand to get something like this organised.
  15. In general rolling maneuvers work well. A lot of mustang pilots when they end up with a 109 on their 6 tend to kick the rudder and do plenty of semi crazy maneuvers which really makes gunnery tough but in the long run bleeds energy and eventually gets you killed. Otherwise at the extreme ends of the speed envelope rolling becomes tough in the 109 especially if you don't know how to work the rudder/throttle to get her to do what you want. If you can convince a new 109 pilot to follow you into a flat scissors you can usually get them within a few cycles. That being said experienced guys will just go up and then come back down on you if you get too slow doing that. Otherwise steep dives and pulling out at low altitude/high speed can catch new guys out too and might even snap the wings off of one if your lucky. Things that make my life easy are if you try to turn with me, especially as the speed gets low. Ive been in many a 1 circle on the deck with both pilots at 300-350kph. At this point the mustang can't run as you've used all your energy and the 109, whilst easy to throw away with uncoordinated rudder, turns much better. I'll be behind you within 2 turns and you'll have nowhere to go. This being said there are Mustang pilots out there who can turn with 109's. Solty and Trouble are 2 that come to mind. The difference is really that drastic that you can usually tell if its one of them just by how well theyre keeping up the turn. Just to be clear, all of this is just my observations about flying WW2 in DCS. Im not the greatest 109 pilot in the world by any means but Ive done enough of it now that I think im starting to get a feel for it. As many others in this thread have said the best option is and always will be to know your plane, don't get into a fight your plane isn't suited to and fly with a wingman. Edit: Someone mentioned something about a downward spiraling turn at some point. This sounds like a good idea. If you can sucker the 109 into getting the speed up above 500 kmh the turn rate comes down a fair bit and hell either lose maneuverability or try to bug out of the turn and bleed off speed and waste some energy/present himself as a target. Conversely an upward spiral is one of my favorite things to do against the mustang. Its a good way to eek out an energy advantage with the superior climb rate. S! DefaultFace
  16. Are there plans to run another one of these? Unfortunately didn't have time to get involved in the last round but considering how much fun I had with Case Blue I think this looks pretty cool. I know of a couple others who might be interested as well. – Callsign: DefaultFace – Nationality German – Squadron Name Lonewolf/ a friend of =STP= and friends – Aircraft Bf109 – Your time zone GMT+1 Cheers, DefaultFace
  17. Must..... resist... the urge to post... sarcastic popcorn memes....
  18. The vortices were not aligned in earlier versions as well even when this bug wasn't a thing yet. Now we have both issues. As Darkraiders said in the WW2 planes the nose attitude of the aircraft is very important in judging defensive maneuvers and in the 109 I use it to calculate lead as well. Both of these can make the WW2 flying somewhat aggravating/more difficult. I appreciate the efforts of trying to fix the warping but I really hope this is fixed soon.
  19. Wow, nice work! Wonder if you could get any of those companies that make scale models interested? They always have box art on most of their models, and those are definitely up to scratch.
  20. Thanks for the info guys. Will definitely file that tip about the laser away in the back of my head, I'm sure it'll come in handy at some point.
  21. Gunsight Range calculation Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was curious as to how the range displayed on the gun pipper (or range for any CCIP employed weapons) is calculated in the A-10. I did a quick search and browsed through the manual, however I still couldn't find any info. I had a guess that maybe it was calculated using radar altitude and dive angle to make an approximation but that seems iffy to me at best. Cheers :pilotfly:
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