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  1. Are the other versions already in? I got the impression that only one was in atm, figured the rest would come later on in EA.
  2. Variety, having an aircraft that isn't necessarily the latest and greatest with every bell and whistle that showed up in the last few months of the war..., because I can shoot fine without it and I think it looks cooler.... Why not have both variants?
  3. Hopefully our early -30 comes with the early non gyro gunsight. Way back when there were screenshots of the cockpit with it. Very cool to see multiple versions being made.
  4. mmm. Interesting. Guess we will wait and see.
  5. Usually its a switch on top of the throttle lever. The gauge for the system pressure is just to the left of the fuel warning light in the pic you posted
  6. ok. But nothing that wasn't retrofitted to the -30?
  7. Whats the difference between the -40 and a late -30?
  8. Sounds about right. Im definitely not a Thunderbolt expert, and was going by memory, on both the specs and the video :P Basically what I meant was it looks like WI is in and working, but not the 150 octane fuel. Are you aware on how the WI works on the D-30? I read something in the N manual about it being automatic when you exceed 54 (?) inches MP. I believe in the older ones it had to be engaged manually? Hi Phil, it wasn't meant as a criticism, and Im aware engine settings wasnt the point of the video. I'm sure you can reach some crazy engine settings by abusing the engine, but the 70" (+- a few) comment was in relation to high octane fuel. Thanks for the vid, IMO the most informative preview so far.
  9. Well he hit about 62" down low so Im pretty sure the water injection was on. Doesnt look like the high octane fuel though, IIRC for the higher grade fuel Thunderbolts run at like 74" ish. Cant remember the exact number.
  10. Yes in 10 years when dcs is that far it will have been a great decision. Then they can redo the map for a 1941 period and it will all work great.
  11. Inner guns both have 500 RPG, outer/mid ones 270
  12. Yeah pretty much what rob said. Visually the map looks very nice IMO, especially the airfields. But it doesnt really make sense for the aircraft we have really. Feels like it was made more with some BOB nostalgia in mind, or with the hopes that ED will make Spit Is IIs and 109 Es at some point. Looks like DCS WWII will continue to be alternate history for a while.
  13. Discussed this shortly after release here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242847
  14. In the LUA file. Unfortunately only readable for the P-51 atm. Still seeing if I can get into the other aircraft lua files.
  15. Well unless it drops out of nowhere tomorrow or friday its not going to be may. I think early-mid June is more likely.
  16. The risk of overboosting was discussed there as well. Someone metioned a story of a P-38 pilot who flew a sortie with the RPM way lower than recommended for a certain manifold pressure cause he believed it would save fuel. When he landed he still had plenty of fuel leftover whereas the rest of the squadron landed more or less on fumes. The mechanics asked how he did it and when he answered they were furious, believing hed ruined 2 good engines. They tore them apart for inspection and found nothing wrong with them. So apparently its not so simple to figure out exactly what will happen with weird engine settings sometimes.
  17. The RPM thing was discussed on the other games forums and there were all sorts of theories between engine temperatures, Prop efficiency, reduced drag and mach effects as for why it works better. Seems to be the same in that game too. Would be interesting to know why it is. Maybe Yo Yo can comment on it. My understanding is that its only a benefit at or close to top speed though, in other flight conditions (dogfight etc etc) you get better power at full RPM.
  18. Was suggested at some point yes. As usual the discussions here are cyclic and if you hang around long enough people seem to have the same ones over and over :D
  19. IIRC he switches to 2 hands at some point. But don't know if its still this way.
  20. Actually I remember an interview with a 262 pilot where he spoke about how he was amazed at the maintenance infrastructure they had setup for the Jumo Engines. Of course they were well aware of the low MTBI for the engines so a number of engines were distributed all over the country, in workshops, garages etc. Apparently they weren't so difficult to work on and most mechanics, or repairmen could get the job done. Anyway this pilot told a story about needing an engine changed so he talked to the maintenance people, and they looked in some sort of primitive database system to see where the nearest one was and then hopped in a truck to go get one from some village, brought it back and swapped it out. http://video.flyingheritage.com/v/117071850/lieutenant-jorg-czypionka.htm Edit: engine change story at about 1:14, talks about distributing engines at about 1 hour.
  21. Combat Mix = Ball, APIT, API, AP, AP AG = Ball, APIT, AP, AP, AP CS = API, AP, AP, Ball, Ball Posted this in the other thread in the general WWII section but this is from the LUA files. Unfortunately the other aircraft have encoded/unreadable lua files so Im still trying to figure out how to get into those. Unless Nineline or one of the devs steps in and tells us what the composition is before then.
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