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  1. Hi rel4y, I was wondering if you have a source for this? How do you know the document is incorrect?
  2. Or all planes on both sides? At least till spitfire comes or something.
  3. Solty that's just not true. It is definitely part of the problem but it's not the whole story. About 90% of the flights I've had in the last few weeks on the server have gone about the same 2 ways. Usually I take off and fly towards any contacts I see. If I see none I take a look around the ground targets, wander through the middle or go towards Krymsk a bit and then cross back in towards novo. Most of the time I find nothing till I get to novo, and on the occasion that I do find someone they often give it about 15 seconds of effort and then if they don't have a perfect 6 O'clock saddled up position they dive for the deck and give up all their energy at once or they run straight to the flak as fast as they can. Of course we follow and then all of a sudden look at that we're playing the same old game again. If we go out and hold back in the middle of the map it only takes about 2 turns till the whole cycle starts again... Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against people deciding that they aren't gonna push their luck and want to live to fight another day. It's the smart decision to make. However I would have thought that most would even attempt to fight back before giving up... I don't know where it came from but for some reason certain people here seem to believe that the Mustang has the same dogfighting capability as a 747. I've flown it and against the 'average' 109 pilot in DCS you have decent chances if you know what you're doing. Against better pilots it's a bit trickier and requires a bit more understanding and some practice in making use of high speed maneuvers etc but it is by no means Impossible. There are plenty of pilots who fly here regularly and who definitely have the stick and rudder skills to pull this stuff off, I'm honestly mostly just puzzled as to why they don't. Also you guys have 2 airfields... Anyone ever thought of taking off at Krymsk and bouncing the Vultures from above?
  4. Hi eekz, have you considered making the flak not invulnerable? Or maybe restructuring the mission to stop things getting constantly stopped up around novo? The constant cat and mouse gets a bit boring after a while...
  5. Hi eekz, Server isn't visible in the server browser atm. Could we have a server IP to try? Cheers, Face
  6. Minengeschoss tracers are actually in DCS. All it takes is one digit changed in the Lua and they work. Doesn't get through integrity check though. Don't ask me why it isn't implemented as it looks rather nice.
  7. Turning antialiasing down will help with the spotting, especially in the latest patch. As far as the cockpit bars I would recommend trying to set a custom seat position with the snap views function (ralt num 0) and fiddle with trackir. If the snap views thing gets too messed up you can always reset by deleting the file under: saved games->DCS->config->views
  8. Some great fights this evening guys! S! to all involved. Here the brief 6 ship 109 Patrol with Rogonaut, 9./JG27 MAD, 9./JG27 DavidRed, =STP= Schnarre, Dmitriy =FIN= (I think?) and myself.
  9. I would agree with Sith that this is to do with the slats. The 109 was known for having fairly gentle stall characteristics and not having too many sudden wingdrops etc. At low speed you just can't get any more aoa out of the elevators and at high speed the stick forces mostly cause the same. I tried it out with full back trim at high speed and it is possible to make it drop the wing a bit but it takes some doing.
  10. I usually prime 0 times and it always starts...:) Don't let go of the inertial clutch too soon, even if it seems like the prop is going to stop. Often (especially after the last patch) it will catch just when its getting very slow.
  11. Strange. I could swear I remember draining it by accident before and having it not work afterwards...
  12. Not sure where the climb figure you're mentioning comes from but sounds more like an early/mid G model. 3563 fpm comes out to about 18m/s and the K4 definitely does more than that in DCS. Did some digging and found these. Comes out to about 4330 fpm for a K4 with DB605 DB at 1.8 ATA. Looks like they will have fairly comparable performance.
  13. Because there are usually far fewer Mustang pilots than there are 109/190 pilots. And of these few many are players who are new to the P-51 or new to DCS WW2 aircraft. I regularly see Mustangs turn and run, giving up their advantage after less than one turn in even or advantageous energy setups. As it stands a 109 pilot who mismanages his energy will certainly lose to a P-51. If the spit is as good a dogfighter as many people believe it to be (which I really hope it is) it should make a good match for the 109s especially if they get greedy and start bleeding the speed off. All this being said it hasn't been released and most of this is speculation until we've flown it ourselves. Sith and Bignewy's comments are encouraging and i'd be interested in hearing their comments on the relative performance of the aircraft in a dogfight although I can understand why they wouldn't be allowed to comment at this point. Anyway, I'm looking forward to flying both and to getting my a** whooped by the best of the RAF! :pilotfly:
  14. How many times has ED said that the increased power settings are coming? Do we really need to use it as an excuse for everything? Also how do engine settings have anything to do with what amazing said? That second part is also just blatantly untrue.
  15. What saburo said. Not sure if the numbers are still the same but Waagerecht MV is/was ~15 seconds and Sturz MV is/was ~8 seconds. Sturz OV is definitely instantaneous. Only thing im not 100% on is whether waagerecht OV is also an instant or just a very short delay fuse or also instant. If it is I would imagine the only difference would be some sort of fuse setting that gives the bomb a better chance of exploding at a low impact angle. Otherwise can't think of any reason to have it double up. I don't know much about the specifics of the bombs of that time though so consider the last part speculation....
  16. Technically that's one and a half wings :P I'm fine if aircraft keep flying like that but I've seen (and done) much much worse....
  17. Well it would be fairly uneven if only one aircraft responded realistically to damage while the others continue flying with half a wing, leaking out of every orifice and pulling G's with half an elevator as they do now. I certainly don't fault ED for taking that approach.
  18. Hi con, All the gunsights in the WW2 aircraft in DCS are so called 'Reflector Sights'. These gunsights, much like a modern Heads Up Display project an image to infinity essentially eliminating parallax error. ie you can move your head around and still see the crosshair in the 'correct' spot aligned with the guns. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: As for trackir there are a few good tutorials around if you can't figure out where to start.
  19. Hi eekz, the flak stopped working completely at one point today... One of our pilots had to go down and discuss it with the stang guys while we tried to figure it out :megalol:
  20. Definitely fixed in the cold start procedure. Used it tonight.
  21. You can fix it in place by turning off the gyro. Switch is on the right near the target distance indicator.
  22. That's probably true. I guess we'll have to wait an see.
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