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  1. 1st thing i did was shift the cockpit position higher and back a bit. 2. fiddle with trackir so that you can get your head up a bit higher. I usually lean up as high as i can without losing the pipper in the middle. As far as shooting goes, I've been having a surprisingly good time of it. The hispanos really pack a punch and the 303s are astoundingly effective if you hit at the right angle\ get good bursts at convergence. Obviously in turns you lose them under the nose but if you get close enough and pull real quick, give it a burst and then let out again to get a better look i seem to see em come out smoking a fair bit. Probably works even better with practice. Also you can shoot really well from farther out. The tracers are actually visible and usable unlike in the other ac and the ballistics are great. Maybe its begginners luck but im loving the spits armament!
  2. First few kills in the Spitfire on Burning Skies yesterday. And a few clips of the Spit getting killed.
  3. @MaxDamage Yes the ai are cheaters but they (at least the 109, haven't tried the spit yet but hear it's similar) are good for training energy efficient flying against. If you can maintain energy and even gain position on them then you know your stick and rudder skills are getting pretty decent. The maneuvering side is also good for practicing but after a while you know their moves and can predict them fairly well. Also as Krupi already pointed out, I flew it against other people as well. Saying it's crap is pretty wide of the mark IMO. Just cause you can't kill stuff doesn't mean she doesn't have it in her...
  4. What Krupi said. She seems pretty good to me. In a few tests I've had a much easier time killing the excellent 109 Ai and had good chances against some very very good 109 pilots. In non 1 on 1 situations its a bit different and the lack of speed hurts her a bit more but I think once people get more practice she'll be even deadlier. The XIV will be nightmare fuel if it's ever released. Who knows maybe it'll happen in this lifetime... :P
  5. Yeah then I guess something about that power setting doesn't like lower spec computers. Maybe open a seperate thread about it and see if the Devs can find anything.
  6. I had this earlier as well humptydumpty I got a new PC and now don't have it anymore but always thought that was an odd one. I thought maybe it has to do with the FM trying to cope with low torque or something but I have no clue tbh.
  7. Same, especially when performance gets a bit choppy it happens more often. This occurs in the 109 as well sometimes.
  8. Obviously the prop texture is not the only thing causing the FPS drop. It may be one of several things but not the only thing. I also notice about 15 FPS less with the mirror on in the spit sometimes even 30FPS. Really hope something can be done about this as I quite like the mirror in the Spit.
  9. Not sure about the wing tearing. Maybe the stick forces aren't implemented yet? I've heard this said a couple of times but tbh have no clue. AFA aileron trim no it doesn't
  10. Here's mine as well as a few extra :thumbup: Plus a bonus clip just for David :pilotfly: Excuse the poor editing and occasionally sub par gunnery.
  11. Yes it's been this way for a while unfortunately.
  12. I have the same problem. I think I've had it in the mustang as well recently.
  13. Mission has been updated again and duel slots are back. Now with Spitties!
  14. Just because you suck, doesn't mean the plane does... :P In all seriousness though let's wait till it arrives to pronounce it a lost cause. Wags said its a monster and I think it will fly a lot like the TF-51 does now ( totally outclasses the 109, just doesn't have guns ;) ).
  15. It's happened many times, but that's a different story, not relevant to the issues here. @sithspawn I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is not aware of an internal fix/issue of stick forces atm (unless you are refering to your post on page 1 in which case I interpreted that as being only to do with roll rate above 700 km/h, not pitch deflection etc). AFAIK the official position is still that everything is fine. Could you clarify what you mean exactly? Also don't take this the wrong way but if it is fixed internally why hasn't it been released yet? I understand if you don't have the answers to these questions but would appreciate whatever clarification you can offer.
  16. Wow. Those results certainly raise some questions IMO. Regardless of all that stuff above I think the pure force limits aren't the main problem with the stick forces atm. As some people mentioned above at certain speeds two hands on the stick are needed to control the 109, and at higher stick forces it takes considerable time to reach 'max' deflection at this speed. The way this seems to be modeled in DCS is that as soon as the pilot releases the stick he switches back to 1 hand. This means that in any maneuvers with a lot of large stick movements the 109 pilot seems to let go and then realize he needs to pull again and take longer than he theoretically would need to to pull. All of this combines into what often feels like a strange sort of input lag which makes gunnery and flying things like flat scissors close to impossible. It also only gets worse as server performance decreases where you can often feel like you are at 500kph when turning at 300. Just to make things clear here, I'm not saying that high stick forces don't affect time to max deflection, or that the stick forces are wrong, just saying that something in the one handed-two handed switching feels very unnatural.
  17. This and server lag seems to affect the stick forces as well. They appear to be much more pronounced around 300km/h when the server starts lagging. Notice this a lot on the ACG server unfortunately.
  18. 1st bet Tiger/Viggen will win 33-28 2nd bet Tiger/Viggen will win 45-36
  19. I prefer some jaggies to magic.... Falcon is ok but also has it's own issues. That being said the preview in the GIF's looks pretty good. I'll have to hop on at some point and see what it looks like. Nice work eekz! :thumbup:
  20. That and DCS likes to credit anyone who flings a .50 your way with a kill if you select a new airplane.
  21. Krysmk, Krymsk, Krymsk, Krymsk! You guys have 2 airfields on that server. No reds usually hover over Krymsk. Anyone who dies in novo while the skies are clear in Krymsk has no right to complain. Anyway, that's a topic for another thread. The mission here is up and running, we might make a few more if we feel the need but for now if you just want to train flying the mission works. Like David says there are duel slots and air starts available as well.
  22. Nothing to do with resolution. It's how labels work in DCS.
  23. Ah yes apologies. I understood you as saying there were no tracers for the MK 108 at all. According to your research topic though all day and night fighters were recommended to carry a load with M-Geschoßpatrone Gl'spur. Do you know if this is also an error? Is this the round modeled (although not used in the loadout) in DCS? I noticed it had red/whitish tracers and not green ones like the L'spur on the 131.
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