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  1. MW50 still does add some power above FTH, just not nearly the same amount as below.
  2. Same with all except the Pony. Has been this way since the new belts were added.
  3. Im definitely not a FlaK expert, but Im not sure its necessarily as simple as just comparing calibers.... Fuzing plays a large role, and really big FlaK also doesnt necessarily need to hit a target to do damage, just explode in the vicinity. A quick google search shows that at least for German 3,7cm FlaK similar ammo the the airborne cannons existed (HE, Incendiary, Mineshells etc). I also couldnt find any photos of a fighter sized aircraft that took a direct hit from FlaK in a relatively central area and made it back. Was by no means an exhaustive search though.
  4. Theres not really anything to deflect. Im sure it will be added in due time as a kneeboard option, like was done for some of the more modern aircraft with armament configurations that can't be done from the cockpit. Its just silly to paint it as some sort of gross injustice against you, like theres some sort of hidden agenda.
  5. There is plenty of test data to suggest its not accurate, no speculation necessary. The British and american ones are publically available, at least to some extent, and Im sure the German tests from Rechlin are out there somewhere as well. Of course I could post some quotes here or there from some excited 109 pilots about having destroyed a Thunderbolt in one shot but why bother when there is test data available. It also does not take a rocket scientist to look at the photos above and see why that amount of structural damage would most likely be lethal more or less independently of where
  6. Yes the German Bias is clear. This is obviously a concentrated effort to handicap the spitfire, greatest aircraft that ever flew, and keep you from winning that war that ended 80 years ago..... Or you know they just got to it for the germans since there is a button for it in the cockpit. :megalol: Seriously if someone came up with theories like this for the opposite side they would be bombarded with shouts of luftwhiner and crybaby left and right. Not everything has to be a conspiracy theory.
  7. Me 410 would be best fit for Normandy. My inner masochist kind of wants to fly a DCS Me 210 just to see how bad it was too, but thats another story. Give us the #RealHornet
  8. Nick Grey mentioned end of Autumn in the comments of a livestream around the channel release. But EDs release dates are usually a little optimistic, and thats for the ones officially annonced and for specific days. Not to mention the focus on bugfixing right now so I would say probably early next year is more realistic.........
  9. Made by YoYo himself around release time.
  10. Really depends on range. The further away, the less the low guy has to really follow anything you're doing and more just needs to adjust aim slightly. Not to mention the problem of deflection shooting goes away with a very slow or stationary target. And if the low fighter is close enough that they have to follow your maneuvers exactly then you probably don't have an energy advantage either :smilewink: Lets say even then that you manage to make it to the top of your Zoom without eating Hispano for breakfast, and are now a few hundred metres above a spitfire what are your options to turn i
  11. Well the problem is a small advantage in this area is hard to make use of. Even if you come out 200m above and 50 Km/h faster than your opponent at the top of a zoom, he can still be shooting the whole way up. Not to mention any sort of rolling or jinking on the way up and the margin decreases even more. Really you need significant separation to start with as well.
  12. The thunderbolt should certainly not have anywhere near the same accident rate on landings as the 109 (which is a separate and complicated story in and of itself as to why the accident rate was the way it was). Bouncing usually means you touched down with too much excess airspeed, and when entering 3 point position the aircraft still generates too much lift, or you hit the ground too hard on touchdown. Mostly its practice but sometimes its helpful in the last moments before touchdown to stare at point on the horizon instead of somewhere closer, it can help with judging sinkrate during flare
  13. Yes I agree that brakes are mostly needed much more for landing. I usually use alternating brake left and right to keep it balanced. Probably some back stick to add downpressure to the tailwheel wouldnt hurt either, wont do much at low speed though.
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