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  1. Try deactivating the preflight check in Helios control center. ..
  2. Hello everyone! I just published the finished F16C Helios profile ! You can download it from my site: http://www.captzeen.com You can follow the official thread here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=286069 Hope you like it ..
  3. Hello all ! This profile is the 3rd iteration on this profile, and that version is intended to use it with Helios 1.6 or above. At last! I finished all the side panels of the profile So... here you got! a brand full and new F-16C V1.0 Helios profile!!! - WHATS NEW in V1.0: Added all the side panels Completed export code already embebed in the profile remade the ADI and SAI instruments to look like in the DCS cockpit, no more BMS look! improved general art in panels and switches fixed some old bugs - HELIOS VERSION NEEDED: This profile is intended to work directly with Heli
  4. Hello everyone! To celebrate the release of the new Helios 1.6, I ported the twelve most used profiles, and are ready to download on my site http://www.captzeen.com Some of them got new features, so chek it out! ..
  5. Hello everyone! I just published a new JF-17 Thunder Helios profile for all of you that use multimonitor configurations. You got the main thread here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=273109 And you can download the profile from my site: www.captzeen.com Hope you like it ! ...
  6. Hello all ! I found some free time those weeks and taking a look to the new JF-17 i decided to create a profile for this amazing airplane. It got a lot of screens on the main dashboard so not too much instruments to duplicate. So the development of the profile has beeen fast. That give me some free time and i decided, for the first time on my profiles, to implement the ilumination of the labels and instruments, so, if you use the reosthators you can iluminate the labels in cockpit and in Helios panel at the same time. So... here you got! a brand new JF-17 V1.0 Helios profile! For th
  7. Hey Ctytler! just saw your posts here. I want to try it as soon as i arrive at home! "Capt Zeen, I was also just testing it with your Helios export scripts yesterday, and with some minor modifications to how I initialize the UDP connections it should be simple to enable compatibility with those as well. (The export scripts would still have to add a second port to be used at the same time as Helios)." If you need info about how i use the exports in Helios, let me know. Thanks for your work.
  8. Did you put the inputs and uotputs bindings to the buttons?
  9. Hey! everyone. As a user of streamdeck i am very interested in the actual state of this project. There are any news? what is the newest version of the pluging and what we can do with it?
  10. Check if you really overwrited the ini file in the game installation place, not in saved games.
  11. Yes you can, i dont got a Touch screen!
  12. Yes, the LoGetEngineInfo() gives information of FC airplanes. For other airplanes you need to use the get argument functions. And yes, every airplane got his own values. You can check in the file mainpanel_init.lua, usually over there you found the data you need. For example: in the KA50 D:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Ka-50\Cockpit\Scripts\mainpanel_init.lua --------------------------------------------------- -- Rotor RPM RotorRPM = CreateGauge() RotorRPM.arg_number = 52 RotorRPM.input = {0.0, 110.0} RotorRPM.output = {0.0, 1.0} RotorRPM.controller = controllers.
  13. Hello all ! I've been very busy lately so i dont have a lot of free time to work on Helios profiles, but everytime i can find a spare time, i put all the effors on this new proyect. Is only the main pilot panel, i am still working on the lateral panels, but meanwhile, you can use this and test it! I promisse to finish it as soon as posible! So... here you got! a brand new F-16C V0.5 Helios profile! THE NEW CAPT ZEEN F-16C V0.5 PROFILE: For this profile i exported all the instruments, lamps, selectors, switches and levers in the F-16C main panel cockpit and alarms
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