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  1. Just curious, does anyone know what ASM(SAM sub mode) stands for?
  2. ''Added movement and engine shutdown check during ground crew operations'' Does anyone know what it means? :joystick:
  3. I notice 'Added radar notch' is in the newest changelog now, I wonder what has changed exactly? What can we expect from this new change? This post is confusing me, since we've got both parties saying that the radar can and cannot be notched, then we have foxwxl saying that It's working as intended due to the 10second memory mode, and now we have a new fix to this? :huh:
  4. Just found out that in order to have the TDC elevation to scan correctly, we need to fly straight and level. If you pitch up, it will scan lower than indicated. Pitch down, it will be higher. In other words, the radar is doing an aircraft stabilization instead of ground stabilization, which possibly leads to the other ground stabilization bug too.
  5. [WIP] The old ground stabilize issue is back It happens to both RWS/TWS in both SP/MP. Radar test.trk Logs.rar
  6. Does enabling HNS(Hybrid Navigation System) eliminate the INS drift, since It uses both INS and GPS?
  7. So I'd take that the flight computer wouldn't take that into account and It's the pilot's responsibility to do so manually?
  8. It becomes quite apparent at night, tuning both HUD CONT and HUD BRT does nothing.
  9. Apparently, If you cycle between PL-5 and SD-10, Its default selected station world be on the left-wing pylon. This creates a problem when you fight with a 4x SD-10 and 2x PL-5 setup, because you will end up having an asymmetrical loadout If you were to fire the missiles in the order of SD-10>PL-5>SD-10. Of course, I can simply step up to the right pylon, but that doesn't sound intuitive in the heat of battle Perhaps it's not a bug, but I wonder If this is an intended behavior?
  10. Just place your lowest radar elevation to be at or above your target for now. So, If the target is flying at 20k ft, make sure the bottom elevation is at 20k ft too, if it still doesn't show up, increase the elevation by 5000ft. This method works pretty well for contacts within 40nm range scale. You might occasionally pick up targets at 80nm scale too, but it's too unreliable. There's also a reported bug where If you pick up a contact on the radar, It'd disappear on F-16's D/L. Be aware of that If you're flying with a F-16 friend. The tricky part about this is an enemy that's flying
  11. Several seconds of delay for a 4 bar vertical scan would be normal. But the scan pattern we currently have now does a horizontal 35 bar that takes almost 10sec to complete each cycle.
  12. Pretty sure this is a known issue among players, but there's no reported thread yet, so thought I'd make it official. Problem: The 1st Jeff that you spawn in would always have a dead battery in MP. Workaround: Either switch to another spawn, or request ground power. Not really a big deal, but would be a quality of life fix :lol: Logs and trk https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uOFjX3S1N0guPR2CSXQeQeOgX8-WLz62
  13. Isn't DTT supposed to be a feature in RWS instead of TWS? If I understood the manual correctly, DTT would do a hard lock on enemies(basically a dual STT). So, TWS shouldn't have this mode available, right?
  14. It still takes ages to get a lock via VT in PVP for me. I've got screwed by VT so many times and have switched to HUD scan for now instead.
  15. As long as you rotate at 120kts and hold 10degree, the plane would go airborne itself at around 180kts without blowing tires, no flaps needed regardless of your loadout. I think the tires only get blown out if you're still rolling at 200kts. IIRC, you can even take off without using AB, given there's a long enough runway.
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