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  1. Please read my post again. The Problem is not the VRAM, the Problem are the Freezes and that there is still stuff left after uninstalling WMR which makes me curious what to do for a clean reinstall of WMR and hopefully no more Freezes.
  2. Since i have the same problem im gonna recycle this Thread. I tried to follow those steps to uninstall WMR and so on but it didnt work out for me. The thing which makes me curious is the following: To save some Video Memory i installed an Empty Room for the WMR Application. But when i uninstalled as described and reinstalled it, that empty room was still there. So this makes me wonder if i had to remove some more stuff to get a clean reinstall. Any suggestions on how to remove that WMR really without stuff left back?
  3. That would be cool if the Pilot doesnt Black out long before that....
  4. Have you checked the selected Fuel Tank and how much fuel is left there? Sounds a little bit like you have selected an empty tank.
  5. Yeah, i mapped the Roll Axis to an Slider on my Warthog which works fine. With the Trim on the Hat you are not able to Balance the Plane if you have an TGP mounted for example. A bit of a Pain in the Ass
  6. Thats for sure but the Question is IF the Game has to fetch something to keep on running smooth, which is still not confirmed. There are some educated guesses but nobody actually tested it, everybody just assumes SSD has to make a difference but it seems like nobody really knows.
  7. My RAM will be at 64GB, thanks for the Tip regarding Preload. Wasnt aware of that Setting. So it seems like an SSD will improve actual Game Performance. Might not be the greatest factor but a factor.
  8. So you basically say it depends on the Preload Radius if it has an performance hit or not? I know they are affordable but you dont have to waste SSD Space if you can use it for other stuff which is way more dependant on this. So its not so much a question about Money the question is if there is a Technical Reason beside initial Loading Times to put it on a SSD
  9. Hi, im currently thinking about where to place my DCS installation on a new PC. The SSD Space is limited ofc but i have plenty of HD Space available. With roughly 250GB for a DCS installation (let alone if you want to install OB and Stable) im curious if an SSD actually helps in Terms of Game Performance or if it only helps in initial Loading Times. So i ask you to share your knowledge regarding SSD vs HD in Terms of actual Game Performance.
  10. Im not sure if this is a Campaign or DCS Problem so my first bet was to post it here. I just flew the first Mission in your Campaign, really liked the feeling and immersion there. I lost a Dogfight and was ordered RTB. There where a couple of other Planes in the Airspace around Nellis so i kept spacing and called ATC. When i was on final Approach one of the F15s just rammed me from behind, no chance to avoid him. As a special present i also lost points because i killed a friendly target..... Like it wasnt frustrating enough getting killed the last few Miles in front of the Runway by a friendly. If it helps i can provide a Track.
  11. Thanks @LastRifleRound for the detailed description. Oh and dont worry, im old enough to dont care if anybody told me i shouldnt do this or that just because in his oppinion its not like in RL. The only thing i currently trying to achieve is to find a good Scneario to train the usage of AG Radar. If its realistic or not is interesting but not that important. Using Weather Situations where i cant do it visually and have to rely on Radar seems good to me just because i cant cheat on myself and do it visually. Basically thats the Reason why i tried to Bomb Vehicles with Radar Guidance. They dont have to be JDAMS too, was just a logical choice because they are guided and if i miss with them, my Radar Acquisition was to Blame. At least thats how i approached this. Using Radar to Bomb Buildings doesnt seem logical to me because its a Building... i should have Coordinates before hand and for that Reason be able to Bomb them with JDAMS in PP Mode without any Problems. Funny, if i read that correctly there is not really a way to Bomb Vehicles through the Clouds, i always have to do the last bits visually. Only Exception might be if i dont care (or dont expect) collateral damage and want to destroy everything in that Convoi for example. But then i would use something like Cluster Bombs to kill a larger Group. But it seems like nobody ever dropped Dumb Boms at a Radar Contact in DCS? At least nobody can tell me if they experience the same behavior that they Release way too late in Auto Mode and hit something Miles away from the Target.
  12. Thanks then i was missleaded by another Simulator which claims to be super accurate but actually isnt in this case at least. Ok then i need to think about other Scenarios for the AG Radar. Has anybody tried to drop Training or Dumb Bombs ar a Radar Contact? As i said before at least the Training bomb was dropped when i was exactly above the Target so the Bomb could never hit only if they would go straight down like a laser cannon.
  13. No in this Scenario is no TPod possible, Clouds are low and and closed over so you cant see through. The JDAMs are getting coordinates it just seems not possible to be accurate enough in the Radar to hit a Vehicle. Maybe one point of the equation is to get higher, last time i was only at 15k.
  14. havent found a Topic about it so far, feel free to point me to the Solution if this is allready discussed and im not smart enough for the search function. Maybe im thinking in the wrong direction but i tried to use the Ground Radar to destroy some stationary vehicles. With a little bit of training im now able to spot man made objects and in this case a few vehicles. So far so good, now i tried to Bomb that vehicles. I switched to TOO Mode of the JDAMS, locked them on the Radar and as soon as im inside of the Parameters, the Bomb goes away. But i only come close to the Target and wasnt able to hit a BPM with a JDAM. Are those Vehicles simply not the correct type of targets to use with that Sensor/Weapon combination? If i compare the Radar in DCS with the one in those other F16 Simulation i can even decide if i want to hit the Driver on his left or his right eye with the Radar there. So i was thinking that i can do something similar here too. Am i not able to hit something smaller than a Building with JDAMS and Radar through the Clouds or is it just me? Also what i experienced: If i use the Training Bombs and try to fire them on Auto Mode on a Radar Contact, the Bomb goes away exactly above the Contact (zero Miles) and for that reason miles behind the target. Anyone else experiencing this?
  15. Maybe to hold Course while doing the Switchology and then concentrate on approaching the Tanker. Anyways, the way you describe it, it sounds like a bug. Because if the Autopilot gets kicked out by the System the switch will move back to the off position and not stay in Place and just doesnt work. The Only thing this happenes is when you hold down the Paddle Switch and only as long as you hold it down. It would make sense to me to kick out of Autopilot when opening the Refuel Doors just that you dont have to fight against the Autopilot when you close to another plane but the way you describe it doesnt sound like thats the case here.
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