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  1. Just so you know, Lithuania is in the center of the Europe...
  2. С днем варенья Дима, чтобы было вкусно и много!
  3. "Saitek" - where the ability to set dead zones for the product out of the box comes handy...
  4. I wish I would age slower... So many planes I haven't "flown" yet... And all the "wrong" ones keeps on coming out... And the time is flying by, in excess of Mach 2013+ It is sad to be caught in the beginning. By the time (if ever) all the good stuff comes out, I probably will be blind or departed already...
  5. You don't have to explain yourself KillarZ... I'm not trying to insult or attack you. It's just exactly what is happening on mass media now. Some actors death gets way more attention than thousands of people killed by someone else. I do not say he was a bad man or doesn't deserve respect. Any unnatural death is a tragedy. Just wanted to point out what a crazy world we live in. And if we do nothing our World is not going to change.
  6. Would interesting to find out at what stage is development of this feature and when can we expect it implemented in game?
  7. This was brought up like 4 years ago, then 2 years ago... No attention from Dev's so far...
  8. NO COMMENTS Land of the free yay!
  9. Chimp is on the way with presents... You gonna love it! :D
  10. And I half expected to see the wooden pilot too...
  11. Shocking and saddening. RIP Jim.
  12. I would like the pilot, who was shut down, to be able to get back to the friendly airfield and continue in the new plane. Because if you jumped, you're as good as dead. UH-1 could be used to extract the pilot, or some vehicle which you, as a downed pilot, could jump in, or drive back to the airport. Also, some pilot animations would be nice (getting in and out of the plane), but I wouldn't expect these anytime soon, because of the GE limitations.
  13. Great stuff mate, thanks for the effort! Much appreciated! :thumbup:
  14. I can give you a hyper slap if you want... :chair: One problem thou, there is a slight possibility that you will not wake up :)
  15. The Invisible War 2011 Full Documentary...
  16. -, meanwhile in Lady Gaga's brain ...
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