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  1. Nvm, just got told that it's an issue with DCS 1.5.8 and 1.6.4 version of TacView, using 1.7.0 beta works fine
  2. HI, it's me again, forgot to say thanks for the mod pack, really awesome! Btw, I've just downloaded TacView and it seems to not be working, heard mods can mess up with it, does anyone using this pack have TacView installed and running correctly?
  3. Does the pack include different preset programs for the countermeasures? If so, how to revert those ack to the original ones?
  4. Little feedback (I apologise for my poor English), so I installed this mod, and all the sounds work fine, however, ever since I installed the mod Mirage, Mig21 and F5 appear as Unknown radar type on my RWR, as in they got an "U" as symbol on the RWR and the standard threat / lock sound, any way of fixing this? I noticed on the ALR69_param.lua file they do appear on the symbols except for 21 list as: {F_5E_, "F5"}, {Mirage_, "M2"}, so I don't really get why their symbols just disappear, I've checked they're also at the --Air Units list (again except 21): {Mirage_,
  5. Sorry for re-opening this thread, but I also have a replay issue and is that I can't do absolutely anything during the replay, which is a pitty because I wanted to take some screenshots from different camera modes and angles, but whenever I try to change the camera or deactivate the labels (actually whenever I press any key) the PC will automatically asume I'm taking control of the aircraft and will stop doing whatever is suposed to do, but I haven't pressed the "take control" button.
  6. well, the thing is I don't know how to change the landing direction, landing route is always the same and sometimes it completly differs from the heading I need or want to land, for example, I'm flying in formation and they all are going to land using runway 360 and my route is set to land on runway 180, and wind is 0m/s on ground, they perform the landing correctly but I have to go to the other side of the runway and land in the opposite direction, plus if I try to land in the direction they are I just get this type of ATC message: "116, kutaisi, hold position" how can I change the runway bea
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