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  1. I will dig into my Steam VR settings and post them soon. Been a busy week already with work. Here is another video I did doing a little maverick action with the F-18. Still crushing the 60FPS in VR. Damn it feels good!
  2. Gunnars, you are correct. PiTool v1.0.1.266 Headset Firmware v2.1.255.269 GeForce Game Ready Driver (NVIDIA) v457.30 updated on 11/09/20. PIMAX 8K (first gen that was released) Changing the backlight got rid of the ghosting effect like Vitallini said. I reduced it from 50 to 25. Weird, I saw a 5 FPS drop, but when I got in the air, back up to 60. I am going to toy with the backlight a little more and bump it up to 30. Not sure why the backlight would effect the FPS. I want to say this was changed automatically to 50 though when the PiTool updated. Here are my PiTool settings Refresh
  3. Elysian, that level of fidelity and challenge is what makes the module a success and draws a niche group of guys who want the challenge. If it was that difficult in real life, then the expectation of DCS customers is it must be that difficult in game. Plus, you are not focusing on what would actually make the Corsair a success. It brings a lot to the table many of us have been waiting for, not to mention the history behind the aircraft which some of us on this forum have close ties to. The brits actually devised a unique way of landing the corsair on the deck of a carrier that was eventual
  4. First off gents, I love your module and I am not here to bash. Just want to say the text in the MFD in almost unreadable in VR unless you zoom in on the screens. I have every module in DCS and never have this issue with any other one except the Mirage 2000. I was not sure if this is something specific to the way you are developing modules or if it is an eye strain in real life. Of all modules, the Harrier has the most text up on screen at any one given time. If there was any way to increase the size, even a little for VR users, it would be appreciated. Same with the Mirage. Reading the
  5. I am perfectly fine with Razbams line up. I really enjoy all their modules. What they have in the pipe will bring some variety to the table for multiple conflicts. Looking forward to their future releases.
  6. Vitallini, thanks for the heads up on the backlight brightness. I will test it out here in a bit and see if that changes the ghosting. Been flying quite a bit today and hitting 50 to 60 FPS consistently. Only time I am dropping into 40 or 45 FPS is on the Persian Gulf map around dense cities. But it still runs a hell of a lot better than it did. I updated the Pi TOOL through the tool itself. Then updated the firmware on the headset through the tool. Let me know if you see a difference.
  7. That is what I am afraid of, a new patch causing a revert back to old FPS performance. This is completely wild speculation and I have nothing to back it up, but I wonder if this performance boost or firmware update has anything to do with the new MS Flight Sim 2020 VR update coming next month. I am wondering if all major VR companies are doing firmware updates in preparation to run the game, and maybe indirectly this increased the performance of DCS. I agree older headsets must have some sort of performance issues, but I have read numerous posts of people buying top of the line gaming PC
  8. System is as follows Intel i9-9900K 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3200 MHZ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Windows 10 64-bit (not sure there is even a 32 anymore) 1 TB SSD Hard Drive No overclocking or anything like that. Stock settings. Run OBS for recording the the videos in VR. PIMAX 8K VR headset using the latest PI tool that was just updated today. Just took the Harrier out for a run on the Syria map. Still crushing 60 FPS. I am afraid to turn my computer off. LOL. She is running DCS like a dream right now.
  9. Well Gents, I am at a loss for words and still do not believe what I am seeing! PIMAX PI tool just had an update to a new version and then the headset itself had a firmware update. I am not shit getting 60 FPS now in game. I thought something must be wrong. I recorded the same video I have done before flying the F-16 over Syria and turned the FPS counter on for everyone to see. I then ran the densely populated Huey free flight mission in Syria created by ED. On the low end I was getting 45 FPS but averaged around 50 FPS. I am uploading the F-16 video now and will follow up with the Huey vid
  10. Guile I did a short VR video for you and your boys. It is not really demonstrating much. Just showing you what each cockpit looks like in all the DCS WW2 birds. Gives you an idea of the office space in each bird and maybe help you decide which one you would like to start with first in VR. I have to say, I am partial to the Mustang and Spit. I LOVE the Jug but have a hard time getting over the P-51 and Spitfire. This will not be the case when the F-4U Comes out. I grew up around 6 Whistling Deaths and watched them fly all the time over my Grandfathers house. She is and always will be my
  11. Any new updates from 5.6? Wondering when he will have a webpage. I like many others have had issues locating the most current version on discord. Having it posted on the first page when it is updated has been nice.
  12. You honestly cannot go wrong with any of them. I am a Navy guy myself so I spend most of my time in the Tomcat or Hornet. If not those two then any of the WW2 birds. F-16 is fantastic but I need ALOT more practice on air to air refueling. Black Shark is still the best combat helo until the Hind is released Q1 of next year. I have to give love to the Gazelle though because I grew up around her. Love that module. GREAT in VR. Huey is still my favorite helo so far until the Cobra makes the scene. We have some big contenders coming to the show soon. F-15E, Eurofighter, Apache, A-7 Corsai
  13. Guile, Really glad you liked the video brother. My video card I am running is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti on an Intel i9-9900K. 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 Dominator Platinum RGB ram. 885GB SSD. Primarily all DCS. I have all the modules and run Open Beta only. I will make another video soon with the Huey including the map interface a little more. The hangar is the backdrop in the VR menu. It would be cool if they implemented something different in game. You can go to my channel and check out my F-14 landings on the Super Carrier in VR. I use the kneepad to look at LSO grades. It is a
  14. Absolutely!!!!!! All 3 rockstars and need to be in DCS. I think it is safe to say the F-4 will make her arrival. Not a matter of if, just when? as far as the Sandy goes, such a great plane!!!! It would work for Korea and Vietnam eras. We have a solid line up if any three of the above make it to DCS.
  15. I agree 100%. I think the Marianas map will be a good filler until the time comes Vietnam is introduced. I am almost looking forward to the hype train as much as I am the content when it actually gets announced. I remember the old Wings over Vietnam game. Loved it for its time. Looking forward to see who picks up the Vietnam map and how big it will be. going back to the F-111, if the aardvark ever makes her debut, we need Northern Vietnam.
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