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  1. LOL!!! I love it! 386 PC. I am old enough to know exactly what that is. Going old school with the 286 IBM floppy's. I remember the upgrade to 3.75in hard disk and then moving into a CD ROM drive with my 486. The 486 was purchased with Janes Us Navy Fighters. Now I am Flying off of the super carrier. What a ride Sims have been since I was a kid. I remember my first one being F-19 Stealth Fighter. OLD SCHOOL.
  2. I thought the same thing, but I still had to tune into the carrier frequency to get in contact with the Tower. Also make sure you are in T/R+G mode. Here is a video I did today flying the newly installed EFM model with my PIMAX 8K. LOVE it. Absolute blast in VR. They still need work on comms with the super carrier such as calling the ball, but it still works a lot better than it did before. Another thing I noticed was when taxing up to the CAT, when the deck crew gives the signal to accelerate forward, you have to rock the throttle a little to get her hooked in. There is also an issue w
  3. ED, I am sure you have a lot of good info already for the ready room but I have never seen this video before and it would be outstanding to implement some of these features. This video gives a lot of good details of the locations of the ready room, noise factors, uses of the room, greenie board info, a nice touch being a bolt over a pilots chair for bolters ect... I encourage anyone to watch this video. It shows how the ready room would bring depth to DCS in multiplayer.
  4. The Gazelle is one of my favorite Helos next to the Huey. Did a quick flight out to the ship on the DCS Aerobatics server last night with my PIMAX 8K. Nothing comes close to DCS in VR, especially the Gazelle with its open cockpit. LOVE IT! I encourage anyone who enjoys the Gazelle and fly's in VR to post their videos here. Really fired up for the Kiowa.
  5. Given the fact that I know where the "real" F-35 simulators are located, I am fairly certain I know exactly what you sat in and flew, it is not the "real" F-35 simulator. Unless you are current service with the hooks ups, a pilot for the armed services, or a Lockheed Martin employee again with the hook ups, you flew a watered down version using Lockheed Martin Prepare 3D. The stick and throttle were more than likely Bug Eye Technology replicas of the F-35. If you are prior/current service and were fortunate enough to get into what the pilots train in, then good on you, but because I work wi
  6. I currently work with F-35 pilots from around the world and have never once heard the aircraft referred to as a "Unicorn" and two have not a met a pilot yet that flew Harriers who did not want to transfer to the F-35. Like the Intruder pilots, when the Harrier squadrons with the USMC are being phased out, they are transitioning into the F-35 Bravo. There has been some adjust going from the Harrier to the 5th Gen technology no doubt, but never has a pilot said it is not capable of doing the sorties the Harrier could accomplish. As a matter of fact, the USMC were the first to use the Bravo in
  7. Lets not disregard the primary role of the intruder during Vietnam and its success ratio flying Iron hand as well as strike missions and avoiding SAMs. Before you say it, yes there were SAM casualties of course, but to say the aircraft just cant survive at slow speed is an inaccurate assumption. There are a lot of Navy a Marine pilots that would strongly disagree. As a matter of fact, many stuck with the old girl instead of going over to the Hornets until forced to. As far as avoiding Migs, most were guided by the surface to air radars during Vietnam, so they had a major dis
  8. Right there with you man! If the F-111 comes to DCS, it will be a day 1 buy for me as well. Love the aircraft and it needs to come to DCS for sure.
  9. Wrong movie brother. That was Air America, but still a GREAT movie. If we ever have a proper military cargo plane, maybe we can get Robert Downey JR to be the AI. LOL. The golden BB line was "Jack" actor Art LeFleur. Funny guy in that movie.
  10. For the love of God ED/HB, since we still have plenty of time, it would be awesome if you could somehow get Willem Dafoe to play the next AI/BN voice. I think even he would get a kick out of it.
  11. Lurker, had to log in after seeing yesterday’s ED teaser video and HB’s official announcement of the Intruder being their next project. Just wanted to say hahaha I told ya so!
  12. HELL YEAH!!!!!! "Devil 505, wave off wave off! He's too low!" There is a part in the video link above of inside the A-6 on the dash. I knew HB was bringing this bad boy to DCS! Most wanted module!!!!
  13. BIGNEWY, Just confirming, ED planned a full C-47 module at some point? Not trying to start a hype train as I am pretty sure the Apache already owns that territory, but this would be awesome news for some of us. Just curious.
  14. If any of you have more money than you know what to do with, here is a link to an Apache Cockpit setup. Not 100% sure they sell to Civilians but badass none the less. They also have fixed wing. I have personally flown their F-35 controls in a Prepar3D sim. The sim was a joke but the flight controls were legit. I have seen them for sale on Ebay before so this should not be restricted to Government only, but the cost will probably be that of a car. The link for all aircraft controls is below the Apache Demo video. And also for anyone who has not seen Polychop's Facebook lately, I provided
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