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  1. Well the Beta drivers for the 8800 for xp were released last month and although they are not without their problems, at least it shows nVidia havent abandoned stereovision.
  2. They work really well with GTR2 (what I bought them for really and rFactor as well) so you're in for a treat as long as things go smoothly.
  3. Good luck with that Instigator, pm me if you want some help with setting up the glasses.
  4. I got a pair of the glasses last week and to say I've been really pleased with them is an understatement. I run lock on at 1280x960 and a refresh of 120Hz, and the sense of being in the cockpit at height is brilliant. Nvidia have released a beta stereo driver for the 8800 series which you'll find on the edimensional site. You wont feel sick with them if you go easy with the 3d settings at first until you adjust.
  5. Yeh the a.i just selects a target and afterburns continually until it is in range. I was playing the last chance campaign and there is a mission (number 15 i think) where you have to travel to the west of the map and engage 2 f-18s. However I played it (I would have about 5000 fuel on contact) the wingman would always put on his landing lights, call bingo and turn back leaving me to them with 4 missiles. I circled around after take off so he didnt afterburn to catch me so I think I did the best I could. Im too inexperienced for multiplayer so I am stuck with the a.i for the time being.
  6. Can anyone tell me the Mig-29 best altitude/speed setting for best range, even with 3 tanks the a.i wingman is RTBing prematurely. Apologies if this has been asked before. I do hope the a.i is improved in Black Shark so the planes (Mig-29's in particular) are more sensible with their afterburners.
  7. I am playing a Mig-29 campaign in Lock in v1.12a and there are a few missions where I have more than one wingman. I would like to give commands to them individually rather as a whole. The manual states that the \ key brings up a wingman menu but this does not appear to work, can anyone help me?
  8. K thanks guys, I'm slowly working through the add ons whilst trying to dodge chores, he he. Just wish I could have high view range on without it killing my computer, guess that will have to wait a year or two tho. :thumbup:
  9. I finally received a copy of Lock On Gold this morning and wondered if anyone could save me time by giving me a quick list of essential add ons for the game. Thanks :) Alex
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