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  1. Hey guys. so i got the oculus bundle and its amazing flying around. but my mid end rig dont seem capable of giving me a good framerate. so can you guys help me out. what i should upgrade or some optimization i havent gotten right ?. I havce everything on low. but my pixel density is at 1.8-2.0 (otherwise i cant read the diels or anything. I get alot of framedrops looking out the cockpit and looking fast around. and its not a smoothe experience. also the gound looks like it still pictures loading in (sometimes.) load radius is at 10.000 and its just flying around with no enermyes.
  2. ye but as soon as you put in denmark. it will up the price for sending it and told... and then if i should ahve a problem with it it will be hell sending it back and forth. :( but thanks for trying
  3. i live in a country where theres 120 % tax on stuff outside of eu. hurray.
  4. okay thanks for feedback. i will go into thinking :D
  5. so it will work for dcs ? :) i just dont wanne waste 150 on something that cant be used in a month :D. i got no intention of playing any other games.
  6. erll im a singel dad. and my buget just aint good for 750 $ as the CV1 cost here. but i got a deal for the dk2 for 150$... and since my TRACKir got broken i was wondering if i could.
  7. Hey guys I got a good offer on the oculus rift DK2 version. but i wanted to heaqr if any of you guys know, if i´d be able to use it when they stop the support for it? or is it a waste of money. - Holmer
  8. Its gotta be a bug With the singelplayer missions. In multiplayer i dont have the problem...:huh: how do i upload a track thing for you guys.? Amd yes you can easyli try it youself.
  9. hmm this becomes more and more strange... it will show me the miles to waypoint if i go to strp but not when i push the TCN...to go for the tanker its different misions ... feels like all... and iv tryed both... mission= kashuris gate. tanker is on 150 vfh and 40X i cant get it to show me miles...only direction. :(
  10. well thats what im doing...wonder if its bugt out or something. well guess i have to play with it some more
  11. Hallo fellow airsimmers. i have begun the art of AAR and in that case im getting pretty good at it. i have one problem though. when i punch in Tacan and press it on HSI it simply wont show me the miles to target in the left upperconrer? it stays with a white line over it ? what is going on there ? My procedue is: Put in tacan number. and turn the knot to A/AT/R (the beacon comes on) Push the TCN to feed my HSI put in the VHF number and call the tanker to let them know im inboune. I then follow the direktion until i hit the tanker (figurativ speaking) at no point in thi
  12. Well after spending all night trying to figure out som basis keybindings i give up so if enybody have a warthog profile for ka-50 they would like to share i will be very greatfull... i havent been ab le to find one that works with 1.2.8 yet :(
  13. Hey guys. I just got the ka-50 and cant wait to jump into aktion. I found a couple of profiles with the HOTAS Warthog setup. But for the love of god i cant figure out how to get them into the game!!! I unpack the files. then i go dcs-options-controller and i delete all the pre made indputs. End i clik load profile and then i pick which of the files i need ( stick - throttle- rudder) but nothing shows up or get in the game... what am i doing wrong ? Im not using the target software because i cant figure it out atm. But is it the reason its not working ? -Holm
  14. thansk for all the hints and links :) see you in the air
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