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  1. That's what i thought too Hurt and beside that, i would like to see a screenshot with the terrain installed from high alt. I once installed a new terrain mod and had a checkerboard like pattern from high alt. They used the exact same textures all over again which looks ugly. I guess the same goes for Ruggbutts terrain?
  2. No new F-15 or A-10 missions? Darn!
  3. I guess all DCS:BS mods work in FC 2.0 as well right?
  4. Why don't they use a system ala MSFS? You have the whole world there in more or less detail. They could led the game load the Crimea area once you are close to it or put it into the game as a second smaller map. So you can fly either over the Crimea or the current terrain. The lack of the Crimea is a real step backwards, as the landscape there is really beautiful, esp. the coastal mountains.
  5. I hope you make two versions of the cockpit lights. I would like to keep the default red lights, as that is what the real bird features as well.
  6. All of the new weapon models, like bombs and pods work with FC 2.0. The realistic moon size mod works fine too, just like the sun size one.
  7. Any chance that you make such a nice highres cockpit for the F-15? That's what we really need now. A photorealistic Eagle pit.
  8. When i disable the haze in the options.lua, the game doesn't load all ground textures. It seems to leave some highres textures at the airfields out and all you get is a greenish mess.
  9. And what about the reflections? There is a line in the options.lua without any effect. Btw, disabling the haze in the options.lua causes a weird looking terrain. I noticed that the game doesn't load all the highres textures when haze is disabled. That's strange, as haze should have nothing to do with the textures.
  10. Btw, how can you disable the cockpit scratches and the reflectrions? There is no option for it anylonger and the options.lua has the reflections altready disabled, but with no effect. Disabling the reflections raised the fps quite a bit in the older LockOn.
  11. hey folks. I tried to find a way to disable the cockpit reflections, as they eat up frames. The ingame option has been removed and the line in the "options.lua" doesn't work. It's set to false by default. ["cockpit"] = { ["mirrors"] = false, ["reflections"] = false, ["russianHud"] = false, ["avionics"] = 1, }, -- end of ["cockpit"] Any ideas?
  12. My modman doesn't work with FC 2.0. He doesn't accept the game root directory. Did you alter modman by hand?
  13. And where do i find the terrain preload distance? I used to have it set ot 100 Km.
  14. Btw, where do ou enable/disable the advanced haze in FC 2.0 now?
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