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  1. Something else about jammers don't some jammers like the F-16's also have a limited angle above them? So that may be something to consider here as well when and if more ECM effects become molded. That if your above say this jammer is out of parameters to work (or even off to the side as the same jammer only has an arch to the front and rear it works) that range denial stops working.
  2. Speaking of FC3 how hard would it be to make it so they can rearm and refuel with their engines on @Chizh?
  3. If we had fully modeled the F15 in the early to mid-2000s (to match the era of all other American aircraft), it would have been much better than it is now. And yes, it will have a data link, it was the first American jet to be integrated, not to mention it was also the first to deploy the 9X and jhmcs. In addition, TWS in the game lacks a ton of additional modes and features, including track memory. On the other hand, let's be fair here, the version of the Su-27 we have in the game has been the most common variant of the SU-27 for quite some time, even in the 2010s. Now that's no reason not to
  4. I unfortunately haven't found any good sources for the OGB's yet only that they were longer, made thicker, and had a redesigned end brace holding the barrels together. But considering that the biggest contributor to the dispersion for the gun according to the above sources is the deformation of the barrels due to rotational forces this makes sense. The above document lists a 40% reduction over the MK149 and I see no reason to doubt that. As these rounds were designed to work with the new barrels and are listed as being incompatible with the older barrels. Additionally if you gu
  5. Understood, although these results are still before the 1B barrel upgrades so the dispersion would fall further still. Additionally are you guys going to add a new round for the gun either the 149 or 244?
  6. @Yo-Yo @GGTharos For the study initially referenced the values referenced are for a circular area representing the total 100% circle: Normal modes of vibration of the PHALANX gun : Peterschmidt, John C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Correlation of bullet dispersion and transverse barrel tip displacement on a firing PHALANX gun system : Cela, David : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive It was noticed, according the document linked below, that when better measuring equipment came online that the dispersion for the s
  7. @BIGNEWYany chance of finally getting this reported?
  8. Squadron Name: UOAF Discord ID: NHawk Contact person Discord ID: NHawk Aircraft Selection: F15 Piolts: USA - Nighthawk2174
  9. Agreed the hornet/super hornet has shown that's its fully capable of fulfilling both its more A/G centric role and A/A roles. In today's world a plethora of weapons with different capabilities offers far more flexibility and effectiveness in specialized roles (at lower costs) than developing an entire aircraft for that role. This philosophy of multiple aircraft makes more sense back in the 50's where imo it belongs (due to limited weapon tech). Not the late 70's + and especially not now now.
  10. The SD-10 and LD-10 are in the same missile body with the same motor iirc so you'd expect the same drag and motor values but they are wildly different:
  11. Р-27Ер все еще находится на старом ракетном коде, который, вероятно, несовместим с новыми изменениями. Следовательно, missile_data и missile_table lua вместо одного файла.
  12. Yeah if you use a significant amount of chaff you can reduce the return to a point radars won't be able to see you. But your not invisible, a powerful enough radar close enough will see through it. In Vietnam to hide a medium size bomber target or a fighter like the F4 when seen side on (40m^2) it was on the order of 20-25lbs of chaff per NMi. Now that amount would almost certainly have to be much much higher for the modern jets/radars in game right now. There's a reason stand off jamming, TALD's, and towed decoys are the norm now. The direct quotes I listed are from skolniks
  13. With chaff however it's not like a mirror it acts more like heavy weather or noise jamming (direct quotes from multiple sources). Plus the res-cell of most radars is at its smallest in the range aspect (often single digit meters for modern stuff). Ontop of this the time it takes for chaff to drop below the notch filter is a very small it loses speed at ~1500m/s (+-300 depending on the source which is significantly less than a second). As such the chaff will separate from the target rapidly, especially if the target is moving quickly. With a continuous stream, based on what i've seen in var
  14. iirc that's for the A/B right? I've always wondered if the same limit applies to the C as it did get newer (and smaller) electronics.
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