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  1. 2.7 runs worse at my PC as well. It is still playable but nowhere as smooth as before. I downgraded SteamVR res from 100 to 80% but no change. So there is something else hidden.
  2. I totally solved my G2 issues: 1. PCIE USB card, got rid of connection error 2. Switched all PCIE Auto to PCIE Gen3 in BIOS, got rid of blue screens, loss of tracking, Steam VR errors etc. 3070, x570 MB
  3. I have the same problem, my G2 only works when plugged into the PC case front USB. But you can use USB on the monitor or on the video card, if you have such. Other possibility I read about is, put it into the blue USB on the rear and use only one USB slot from that pair. I am buying today PCIE USB connector for the rear, SATA powered cause I need some more USBs anyway. There is a beta BIOS fix from AMD concerning this issue since yesterday or so. I have Asus x570 chipset mobo.
  4. 1- How do I set the cannon in A2G mode to be aimed by radar? In the training mission it is automatically so from the beginning, but from cold start it is in manual mode, aiming well for some shorter distance but way off for higher ones. Manual says RIO sets the gun to WCS controlled mode by a switch, how can instruct him to do so as a pilot? 2 - I take Rockeyes and Mk80s. I throw Rockeyes in CCIP mode no problem, then switch to Mk80s and got no pipper in the bombing line. I set everything via RIO menu - select Mk80s, 500 ms, fuse nose/tail, pilot computer mode (CCIP). 3 - How do
  5. After all those 2.5 beta updates since 2018, DCS became unplayable for me. I upgraded the graphic card. Nevada was silky smooth, other maps very good. Now, after the last beta it all sux again. NTTR seems to have updated textures though.
  6. I set the settings to low, flew a bit and then set it back to high and tuned to my usual settings. Now, it runs smoothly as before the update. Looks like reset of graphical settings we did in old IL-2 Sturmovik.
  7. I did but after the last patch, it runs very rough and not as smooth as before.
  8. I suggest the visibility distance slider. Or, this can be done by upgrading the fog parameter. Now, there is a fog with max vis. distance 6000 m and altitude 2000 m (if I remember well). Pump it up to 50 km visibility and altitude 3 km.
  9. *pins Medal of Honor for defending the BetaBastogne 2.5 crossroads against the onslaught of divisions of impatient simmers
  10. I put both shadow options on flat. Outside looks the same and cockpit shadows are jagged anyway. It runs much better. I swear the more I fly DCS the more smooth it is. I went from 21 fps in P-51 cockpit in Batumi runway to 37 with two tricks - alt+enter after the mission starts, all shadows flat and lot of stick time. Despite fps are low in numbers, sim runs smoothly on my mediocre PC.
  11. All I wanted to test but was too lazy to. Thanks.
  12. Pressing alt+enter in game increases my fps from 25 to 35, when looking to the sky from 30 to 60. Probably that "not really full screeen" bug.
  13. My tip for ATI cards: completely delete any profile in ATI catalyst CC, related to dcs_updater.exe and for global settings, select "as application wish" for everything. Stopping to force AA/AF via graphic card and also in game I got fps jump from 20 to 30.
  14. Saddled a 100% fueled Mustang with wing tanks from Batumi and flew until the night took over and I was running on the last wing tank. Flew high and low, fast and slow, over the sea and forests, cities and mountains. Being a sim veteran since 2002, this was the ultimate experience. DCS is awesome. Gotta buy more RAM though.
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