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  1. Mission 03 - DCS Crashes at Loading Am I the only one experiencing that ? When loading mission 03 (following mission overview/editor) DCS will crash during loading. It happens at each trials. My latest version of OpenBeta has no mods. Any ideas ?
  2. Since upgraded stable version to 2.7, I got a similar problem as what is discussed in this topic : Red exclamation mark in bindings on A-10C II only - Page 2 - General Bugs - ED Forums (eagle.ru) This happens solely on the F-14-Pilot controls bindings. Specifically on the rudder and "throttle both" (which I don't care). I have a red exclamation marks next to both commands axis. My rudder device is a Saitek Pro Flight Pedals. I can see the "Joy_RZ" assigned to the rudder but there is no movement detected. I have to "Reset the combo command to default" then the Joy_RZ axis gets detected and works properly. Just annoying having to do that every time I load up DCS. Any ideas ?
  3. I suspect this is related to my recent Reverb G2 experience on a build change. According to my MB manufacturer (MSI), the USB-C port is capable of providing up to 7 watts of power. However, the Reverb G2 is gluttonous on power draw from the USB port even though it has an additional power pack. My MSI MB would provide barely enough power to make the G2 display working well but having the sound disconnecting and reconnecting all the time which caused drivers and software issues. Like MSFS 2020 being unusable in VR for instance. Fix: I bought a PCIe 3.0/4.0 USB-C internal card that is able to provide up to 15 watts of power. Hooked up the G2, all problems gone ! Your situation is similar, I would definitely give a dedicated USB-C PCIe card a try.
  4. This came to a surprise to me as I did not think DCS World was that CPU-bound. Old build: EVGA Z270 Stinger Intel i7 7700K @ 5.1Ghz G.Skill 3600 CL16 32G RAM EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti FE HP Reverb G2 New build: MSI x570 Gaming Carbon Pro AMD Ryzen 9 5950x stock G.Skill 3600 CL16 32G RAM EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti FE HP Reverb G2 With my former build, when sit in the F-14 cockpit on the supercarrier in the Persian Gulf the CPU frametime would show between 30-40ms with the GPU showing pretty much the same, sometimes more. The GPU would be running at 85-95%. With the 5950x, CPU frametime down to 15-20ms and now the GPU shows between 20-30ms... Same in game settings. My GPU now running 100%, the poor thing being force-fed with data !!! Therefore, if you're looking to upgrade your rig, I would have a close look at the CPU first... I realize now what a CPU bottleneck would look like.
  5. Same Prince-diving-into-water issue here - Release Version.
  6. Bug Report from DCSFP DCS Installation : DCS World OpenBeta DCS Module : FA-18C_hornet Saitek Panel : PZ55 Switch Panel Has it worked before? : Yes DCS-BIOS Status? : Works fine Is this DCS-BIOS related? : No Related cockpit control/device/gauge? : No Key bindings seem to be held down when activated using DCSFlightpanels_x64_3.6.51. Works fine with DCSFlightpanels_x64_3.6.17.
  7. Not, just on OB, the release version shows the same problem.
  8. I have the same issue with mission #1. In addition to this, CHEVY6 flight, which is supposed to relieve player's flight, taxis only a few meters and then stops. Obviously, blocking all other flight to land and as the player comes back to land, Nellis tower won't authorize landing.
  9. This bug have been going on for several months and versions so far. I have HOTAS Warthog, Oculus Rift and HOTAS advanced programming key bindings. For every flight, it works fine at first but after a random number of minutes, all key bindings stop working and I have to switch from DCS window to another one, than switch back to DCS window to find my key bindings working again. Extremely frustrating when on a bombing run and unable to release at release point. I think I have been able to isolate de cause. It seems to be happening when closing in for flight formation with other aircrafts, for the tanker for example. When it triggers off, it's like the "L_SHIFT" key is continuously held down. Any idea ?
  10. I still see the same thing. Very first mission (the one when the air group deploys to Georgia). Number 3 and 4 collide in the pattern every time.
  11. We are in April 2018 and I think the bug is still up. Nothing happens after passing Wpt 5 or 6. And it gives a 60% mark at the end.
  12. It happened to me for a second time in OpenBeta 2.5. When taxiing, if I make a stop during taxiing, at the hold short of runway for example, the airplane won't be able to move forward again even if I apply for engine power.
  13. Same here, no matter how well lit the objectives are, can't get to pass the mission... I won't be loosing my time on "time for pickle button press" issues... It is pretty much the end of this campaign for me... I have lost enough time trying to debug the thing up...
  14. I assume it has already been reported but it is not possible to be successful in any mission if the enemy aircrafts were destroyed when on the ground (taxiing). The AI allied flights often shoot at enemy aircrafts as they are taxiing to take off. I can assure that they are physically destroyed but DCS does not seem to "register" it as it is. These missions are great so I hope it is going to be fixed.
  15. When the flight begins, there is no issue at all. After unknown/random number of minutes, both joystick and keyboard commands/keys don't work anymore (are unresponsive). I have to manually "alt-tab" the thing and click on another window than re-click DCS. One thing to note, when re-clicking DCS window, the window won't "reappear" by itself, I need to lower all other windows than click in DCS window so that keyboard/joystick commands come back alive. However, that bug constantly reappears until I get so pissed off that I shut down everything before putting the whole rig on eBay. OS: Windows 10 64-bit | CPU: Intel i7-7y00K @4.2GHz | GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders 11GB | RAM: G-Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4/3600MHz | SSD: 480gb Corsair HyperX | MoBo: EVGA Z270 Stinger | Oculus Rift | HOTAS Warthog
  16. I get the same problem here. What I do is wait for EVERY OTHER FLIGHTS to take off and then I take off last with my flight (without asking anything from the ATC).
  17. I have the same issue. KMGU training mission does not allow me to fire weapon. No matter what suggestions made on this post.
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