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  1. thanks, ive got this copy of LOCK ON Do you think it runs on VISTA? or it comes with incompatible patches or so?
  2. thanks... so if i just have normal version of Lock On, do I need to download any patches or things to make LOMAC v1.0 (i suppose) run on VISTA?
  3. Who is SK? anyway, so ill manage to run the game at 1024x768 (or higher) and maximum quality? (well, not much AA and not much AF...)
  4. 7600 better than 8600GT? are you mad?:P thats funny:D
  5. Hi! Im getting a laptop very soon!! Its an ACER 5920 designed by BMW (yes, the cool car brand:P) Well, here are the specs: Core 2 duo, 2ghz 800mhz 4mb cache 2048Mb RAM 667Mhz 160GB 5400RPM nVidia 8600GT (performs close to its desktop brother!) Vista Home Premium Here are my questions! 1.-Are there any compatibility issues with VISTA and Lockon? 2.-Is this a good rig for playing at max, and 1024x768 resolution? Thanks a lot!!!! :thumbup:
  6. hope it solves the problem:thumbup: http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/proctamer/index.html Ive also read that there is an application that optimises your pc for gaming. People seem to be very happy with it. Its called Intelli Hyperspeed. try downloading it here (choose second option) http://intelli-hyperspeed.softonic.com/ie/44870/descargar :thumbup:
  7. super kung fu, use "process tamer", a program that lets you decide the priority of applications. When you download it, open it and "set a new rule", saying to run lockon.exe (or wathever it is) at "high priority" hope it helps!:thumbup: by the way, did you say you had a laptop with a 7600:music_whistling: ? is that good for lomac? how do you run it?
  8. thanks you all:) kung fu, what graphics configuration have you set in the game?
  9. Dear community,;) Im very happy:P at the moment, since ive decided to buy a new laptop (i know u still think laptops arent for gaming) and Im going to play all the games I havent been able to play before with my dusty desktop. This new laptop will have a Core Duo 2, at 2,13Ghz, 2048Mb (RAM) and a Nvidia 7600 with dedicated 256Mb.:thumbup: Good for LOMAC? Will the minimum fps be no lower than 20fps? thanks!
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