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  1. Hiciste un copy paste de tu simulador? si es así es porque esta mal configurada la resolución. Debes configurar la resolución del dcs a tu dedicado, en Monitorsetup, en la carpeta eagle dynamics.
  2. mmmm, i think its not working right now.
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    Ops, im sorry.-
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    Hello fellowships, Today i was listening to Hans Zimmer top 25 songs of all times, and suddenly i was hearing the soundtrack of pearl harbor. I imagine myself flying a P-40 over the pacific. Go P-40! lol ${1}
  5. Dear Mods, I'm having constant issues with the module Uh-1h. It just crash... DCS Stop working. Ty very much, and good luck with the develope of alpha dcs! Crash fails.rar
  6. Dear community, Yesterday we were flying the mig-21bis, and we have some issues with the pylon selection. We have in the 3-4 pylon 2 semi-active misille, and when we selected SAR option, they start targeting as they were IR misille. My english isnt the best, but i comply with say to you the problem we had.
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