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  1. So..... After formatting, installing DCS on the same hdd as windows, updated drivers only to 14.4 (don't trust betas) and playing with the graphic options, i managed to fix the problem...... I still have to try it on a server with a lot of players. BUt it seems like it works :D Thx all of you for your help guys!!
  2. Thank you all for your answers. gavagai ; im going to make a clean windows install on another partition,install dcs, the modules and see what happens from there. DTWD, i just ran a test for 10 minutes with furmark ( will try later with MSI afterburner ) and it didnt drop performance. Will let you guys know.
  3. Ok, So i disabled C6 and Cool and Quiet. The problems is still there, but with +1 fps. The CPU never reaches 100%, but it does reach 51ºc. Regarding the PSU, its a nox urano vx 750w pfc. I'll post DxDiag when i get home. Quick Question Why would i have this problem now with a new cpu and gpu if i did not have them before with a FX 4130 and a 7700 OC Vapor X with the same configuration? Makes no sense.....
  4. Can a moderator please move this thread to the hardware section ? Thanks!
  5. For MP on ramp they go 23-28. When flying, 39-47. The mother board its an asus m5a78l, not high end, but should work ok. When ever it happens i alt+tab to check, and everything looks OK; GPU temp, CPU ussage, RAM Ussage. Pretty frustrating to build something up and dont see it work as it was supposed to hehe. Edit: So i think i found something, apparently the GPU usage drops to 0 for about 2,8 sec. Gotta love GPU-Z. Any idea why this would be ?
  6. Hello, So, i recently bought a brand new R280x and an AMD FX8350 hopping to get better fps and game experience overall. To my surprise, im having more problems than before with the FPS. No matter where i am ( Ramp, flying) every few minutes i get 7-8 FPS that lasts for about 6 seconds. I've played with the settings a bit with no luck, nothing seems to make it work properly. Has anyone had this problem with any other GPU?? Posting my configuration so you guys can take a look. Thaks!
  7. mirmidon, ¿Te han comentado algo respecto al ticket ?
  8. Según he entendido, con cualquiera que escriba se mantiene activo. Por si acaso, actualizalo constantemente, que no te pase como a mí xD.... que confié en ellos y mira.... Un indicativo es el color del ticket, si cambia de rojo a azul celeste quiere decir que está cerrado.
  9. Pues he vuelto a llamar hoy. Resulta que si pasan 5 días hábiles sin escribir nada en el ticket, este se cierra automáticamente..... Sin embargo procedieron a reabrirlo y quedaron en informar algo en el ticket.
  10. Gracias!! Por cierto, ¿alguien sabe si hay algún indicativo de activación del ECM tras el último parche? Saludos.
  11. Pues sí, yo lo tenia mapeado para encendido de motores, cockpit, luces, ECM, IRCM..... Te podrás imaginar el festival... Pues hasta ahora te han hecho la misma pruebas que a mi en un principio, te dejo mi número de ticket por si quieres indicarles que es el mismo problema : #122825. Hoy llamaré y pediré hablar con el Tech support Manager que fue el último que me contacto. Te informo. Saludos.
  12. Me alegro y lo lamento a la vez :( jeje. Yo tengo mi ticket abierto desde Marzo y he llamado un par de veces porque está aquí en Barcelona, todo esto para no llegar a nada..... Aunque ahora me da esperanza -porque tu eres chipset Intel- ya que una de las dudas que tenia era que fuera un problema de chipset. Ahora me de la impresión de que es el lote que ha llegado aquí...... Estamos en contacto cualquier cosa, unidos hacemos más xD. ¿ Por casualidad tienes otro SIM instalado en el que puedas probar ? Saludos.
  13. Pues para preguntar si se ha producido el problema de botones que se activan aleatoriamente en la palanca de gases.... :) Pero si no te ha pasado ya, no creo que te pase.
  14. Filthyone

    X-55 Rhino

    Buenos días chic@s, Quería consultaros si alguien ha comprado el X55 HOTAS Rhino. Tengo un problema y me gustaría saber si alguien más lo tiene. Gracias! Saludos!
  15. So... i tested what Jamey says about changing the profiles... no joy. Both the profiles have jagged lines for me.... I've noticed that this is starting to happen also when i use H2 as a target designator.
  16. Im guessing you have intel chipset, right?
  17. Thanks a lot Jamey. Will give it a try and let you guys know.
  18. Hey guys, Have any of you received any response from mad cats regarding Ghost button presses? They are apparently looking into it... been like this with no information for at least 1 month. Thanks!
  19. Ok.Thanks Raven434th. Just wondering if it was something related to Asus instead of AMD.
  20. There you go : http://support.madcatz.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/495/176/how-to-program-the-rhino-x55-mouse-nipple-to-control-the-mouse-cursor
  21. Hey upupandaway, i checked mine and all the screws are there....
  22. Yep. I have an AMD cpu with win 7 and i can confirm this. I sent a ticket to mad catz tech support ( Created: 15 March 2014) ,so far no solution has been given. They say that if the H.O.T.A.S works ok while testing "joy.cpl", then there is no problem, even after explaining to them that Rhino's software does detect the problem.....
  23. Bailen: After expending some time talking with the support over at MadCatz, they basically told me that the hardware and the software work OK because the problem does not reproduce on Windows (joy.cpl). They asked me to try with another sim and let them know. Do you still have the problem or is it solved for you ? Thanks in advance, Cheers!
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