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  1. No Prob Guys... BTW there were a couple Eurofighters here today. I happen to be outside w/ they took off.. they both went vertical and rolled then headed North... I am sure they were showing off to us American Blokes LOL
  2. The REAL Red Flag is occuring next week here out of Nellis. I will get some pics and vid. Will be a noisey couple weeks at Work. We are 1/2 mile off the end of Runway 3l and 3R
  3. Well, Saw two today landing at Nellis and could not see any markings They are prob USMC 18s
  4. The RAF just had some F-111s here at Nellis..and there are some F/A-18s here the last few days ..did not notice their markings..will pace closer attention tommorrow.
  5. Dodger, What are you looking for specifically on the F-15 I can get some pics at Nellis AFB for you.
  6. No one can host because there is no dedicated server files. I know VVS504 has one they host themselves gonna see if they can help w/ pointing in right direction.
  7. Anyone know where one could lease a server for lock-on?? Can not locate any.
  8. Well, Living and workign right by Nellis I get to see all the birds mentioned above. The F-22 is the only aircraft "known" to be able to cruise supersonic with no afterburner, and it is a hell of a sight to watch it land in the high desert winds compared to an F-15. The vectored exhaust truly is a plus on this aircraft.
  9. YEs That is the one. Any way you could get me a copy?? My email is tshipley@55thregiment.com
  10. Hey Gang, Check this vid out and tell me what yopu think I should do for the smoke FX. It is a WIP and I am just starting. I will get the white haze off on the outline of the smoke. http://www.55thregiment.com/movie/smoke.mov
  11. Maximus, It was no intentional blur, takes a few seconds for the camera to focus and the zoom lens caused blur on outside as well.
  12. Anyone know where I can get the Desert map mod?? I know it just changes textures Also, anyone figured out how to make new maps yet?
  13. Anyone got a copy of this video that was made a year or so ago??
  14. The OV-22 was actually flying today in Las Vegas, I got some video footage for those that wish to see this NEW aircraft for the USMC. It would be cool to see this thing in a sim.
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