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  1. No - I'm a paralegal. And I am working under the supervision of lawyers at the State House, since the Chief of staff and about half of the Senators are lawyers. I'm currently helping to make laws, not assisting in the practice of law. What area are you going into? I'm entering a university in August, as a political science major and then probably will try to get a masters in public administration.
  2. Good luck on your exam! I didn't mean to give the impression that being a lawyer is easy - just that paralegals are a very important part of any law firm as well. My internship is at my State House - working in the Senate, as an aid to a State Senator.
  3. Hey! A paralegal can do 80% of what a lawyer can do. Most of my professors were lawyers. They told us that in multi-lawyer firms that one of the lawyers can miss work, without it having much of an impact. But, if their paralegal is out - they might as well shut down the firm for the day - because nothing will get done. Of course, in most cases, we are required to do our legal work under the supervision (technically) of a lawyer. And my degree is the only ABA approved paralegal degree that you can get in this state. (And I graduated as the top paralegal student.)
  4. Thanks for the support! I graduated from my community college last month - and received my Associate's of Science degree in Paralegal Studies (I even had to give a speech). But I'm not done with college yet. I've been accepted at one of the top universities in the Northeast (which is a bit scary), where I'll being moving into my dorm in August.
  5. Oh, my error . . . but I was mostly complaining about my pilot's voice. Plus I only really fly the A-10 (closest thing to a helo . . . which I prefer), and I've never had more than a single wingman yet, so maybe that's why I wasn't aware that Wingman 4 was a female.
  6. There's at least one other reason . . . bad experiences with other online games. I'm a female. And one of two things happen when I have tried to play other online games: I am constantly hit upon I am shunned . . . and often accused of being a guy (because "girls don't play computer games").The other reason is that female pilots aren't even in LOMAC (neither graphically or in voice files). Why is that? I really hope that BS fixes this. Female pilots were neglected in EECH as well, but I have installed a mod that fixes this. Here's my Hokum 50 pilot:
  7. Hi Neodark, You can buy Lock On Gold from Amazon for less than $20, and they will send it to your cousin. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Take-2-Interactive-EVL-00004-Lock/dp/B00094OT4K/sr=1-8/qid=1168462062/ref=sr_1_8/102-4012135-8568155?ie=UTF8&s=videogames Edit: Oops, forgot to mention that LockOn Gold is the original Lock On, with the FC addon.
  8. I didn't even know that I had an onscreen-keyboard, but I found it! Thanks guys . . . keyboard problem totally solved! :thumbup: I love this place! You guys always help me out, and that just isn't true with some of the other forums, where I'm just igmored or insulted for not knowing how to do everything. Thanks again! Off the try out padlock in LOMAC for the first time. :joystick:
  9. Thanks, I didn't know that I could use another keyboard to program my Saitek . . . I might give that a try. I can access the numpad period key as well . . . is that the same thing as the numpad Delete key? If so, that will solve half of my current mapping problems.
  10. Thanks, I do use the Fn key for the commands that I can, but I don't seem to have a way do the RWin key or the Keypad Del key.
  11. Is there any sort of download that makes the keyboard command compatable with a laptop keyboard? Other than reassigning keys (and possibly messing up other commands), I have no way to put some of the commands into my Saitek profile, or even the option of hitting a key combination (like starting/stopping engines, or toggling padlock views). Sorry for starting a new thread, but I did do a search and can't seem to find this covered anywhere.
  12. Thanks for the FPS update (or recap, or whatever) I bought Lock On Gold last month, after I saw the previews for Black Shark (as I love helo sims). Then I started to worry that my computer wouldn't handle the sim. I've got FC running and looking great now, but only after I've added a bunch of mods, many of which have been to improve my FPS. So I'm wondering if BS is being better optimized than the default FC was, because this sort of sounds like it . . . from your (beta testers) posts.
  13. Thanks guys . . . I finally got my exterier view zoom working. What I ended up doing was following your advice, but in just resetting the keyboard commands back to default and then I reassigned my throttle hat to the zoom [NUM* and NUM/], while still using the slider for the cockpit zoom. And it worked!!! My cockpit view is still a bit jumpy, but it's nothing like it was earlier. Now if I could just get through some of the missions without getting shot down all the time. :(
  14. Now I'm confused again. Am I supposed to delete the axis commands or not?:helpsmilie: I currently have no button commands assigned to my joystick in the sim's option/input area . . . just the default axis commands. And I'm still having problems . . . having the slider on my throttle joystick assigned to the zoom command causes my view to be all jumpy . . . and the slider doesn't work for the exterier view zoom.
  15. Thanks! I'll give it a try, but I just need to make sure that I understand what I'm supposed to do first. So here's what I think I'm supposed to try: From the Lock-On option/input area, I select Seitek, and then clear all the axis commands. Then I have to somehow program the axis commands in my Saitek profile. Is this correct?
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