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  1. Well research is what I need help with. Any Idea on specs please post. I have found nothing to help with measurements. Other then screen shots and such and trying extrapolate off known sizes. Also UFC if it its 134mm that works for me. I actually I came up with 135mm but nothing set in stone. My UFC is just theory phase.
  2. Yes good catch. Ya its supposed be "roll". Funny thing is I have been finding out with Fusion360 is that the sizes have changed in a lot of my drawings. Not sure how it happen. I have been thinking it's when I click on a line accidentally drag them a smidge. Possibly. I built them with the panel guide https://mycockpit.org/tutorials/Panelbuildingfocussedondimensions.pdf This is the Link I used to build them. Bottom plate was suppose to be 146.05mm and the top plate 144.45mm. Problem is I have no real world measurement so I made the width as per the guide but had to eyeball the lengt
  3. What measurements are you looking for?
  4. Well I'm not surprised it was pretty powerful cad program for the free hobbyist version. I really think they would get more community support if they made a subscription for the personal\hobbyist. Under $120 a year is very reasonable to me for software that is this good at multi roll functions. I use it for my 3d printer and my cnc desktop router.
  5. What about by seat of your pants feeling. I have never flown in or been around a real A10C but when engaging the airbrake you hear the and feel the drag in DCS. Is this the normal for real flight? Or is dcs exaggerated?
  6. I like, these look awesome. Nice and solid. And use of Arduino I think is a good choice for the fact its open source. SO I know it might too early to ask but technically with use of Arduino tech and its availability they can be sold as mechanics only or only complete units?
  7. RogueSqdn have you thought about searching and sourcing a local plastic vendor or store in your area other then local big box stores. Also local plastic shop would have the ability to cut it. Or a sign shop that might sell you partial or left overs from a project. I would think some form of 1/4" clear acrylic sheet would work good!
  8. Ah ok! There kind of all over the place just google "10k ohm 9 pin network resistor" Not sure about some of the numbers stamped on the resistor but they are directional for the Debolestis's shift reg boards the little dot needs to be the right way on the board. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2760524&postcount=50 and capacitor reference. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2762026&postcount=56 Technically you can make your own network resistor but it doesn't look pretty https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/hacks/inline-resistor-network just a idea if you have resis
  9. Well said!! @Wingnut41. Maybe since you already have a STM32F103C8T6 board maybe first steps are to see if you can find a sketch or use FreeJoy to load a Joystick device on to it. Grab just a couple of toggle switches and try wiring them up. Make sure what ever sketch you load that you have a proper pin out diagram.
  10. Ok I completely understand. First have you got a plan as to what buttons, toggles or encoders or potentiometers you are going to use? Second if this is looking to ominous for first time building there are premade boards you can buy that the usb side of things is already done for you just got to wire swtiches to it. Like http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/ These are extremely user friendly. Buy the equipment and plug the wires in and its up and running. No configuring. Plus the community will help.
  11. So I might be asking a dumb question here but trying to understand.But I'm thinking if ED decided it wanted to make DCS compatible with SLi or take advantage of any Nvidia's tech they would have to buy in to it like a license or contract? How does that work?
  12. Hi i found this webpage thought it might help. https://opensimhardware.wordpress.com/pedal-button-controller/ https://github.com/OpenSimHardware/PedalButtonController I am new and learning in electronics most of my stuff has been copy and directed by others. I went the route of MMjoy myself. I was alittle intimidated by the Arduino world cause you have to either write your own sketch or find and copy n paste someone else's sketch. The nice thing about Freejoy or MMjoy it writes the code for you. You just configure your buttons setup in the interface and upload to board. Any way both direct
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