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  1. If you would bring life into DCS I would be in and love it. Everything is very dead except of the civil traffic without using moose or something similar. So if the Airfield becomes alive without spending hours at the Editor this would be great as the immersion would be very much improved. As I´m a virtual pilot I´m not interested in controllable vehicles. High quality Asset Packages would be great to have, even though ED themselves mentioned this in a newsletter to be adressed by them, at least for some of the planes. But the more the better.
  2. +1, today on Normandy MP Map, did not see this before.
  3. Hi, TrackIR settings are very much a personal preference. But I will try to help you with my settings. You can play around with them as a basis. There are some good videos availably on YT, maybe the one from Ralfidude (Link). There are several settings, my ones for YAW, Pitch and Roll are attached. I also attached my profile which you have to copy to %AppData%\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles and choose in the TrackIR software. I run a triple screen setup and for me this is reasonably good. I also tried profiles from others but more or less used them as a basis to configure my own one
  4. The repair has to be started from the new drive, it must be in the folder where the dcs.exe is located.
  5. I recently moved my complete DCS folder from one 256 GB SSD to a 512 GB one. If I remember correctly I just copy and pasted it, ran a repair and that´s it. The only thing that changed was the drive letter. What I have manually adapted were the shortcuts I have in the Windows Start menu. I did not delete the original DCS just to be on the safe side. I renamed it to be sure the copied DCS is now the one that runs and finally removed it when I was at the point I was sure it worked. I guess above guide from Bitmaster shows you, how to link part of you installation to another drive. If you buy
  6. +1, I have the feeling it got even worse with the last patches. Only checked with the Hornet module. Would be great if this will be solved as I cannot even see any green lines or writings on the HSI if the map is on.....similar with the FLIR.
  7. I fully remember, it tended to stop short before entering the cockpit
  8. Got goosebumps when I saw the gun. I'm no rotohead so far. I guess this will change. Gunship on C-64 was my first "sim". Great announcement and Hollywood style introduced.
  9. Switching from "3 cameras" to "1 camera" as the cockpit lua should solve your problem. 3 cameras are OK if you have the two outer displays 45 deg in relation to the center one. But it eats up more FPS. 1 camera has a fisheye effect on the outsides and you migh need to adjust your Field of view (FOV). Xoxen
  10. There are softer springs on the market. E .g. Sahaj in this forum offers the green one, have a look here.
  11. Perfect, nice to hear. I remember quite well how disappointed I was when I felt the play after greasing up the base.
  12. Hi CommandT, its me again I had the same situation when I disassembled my Warthog base. One thing that helped me is to unmount everything until the big spring is out and you can lift up the part where the O-Ring is glued to. It is a cylindric part and you can assemble it in 4 ways by turning it 90 degrees each way. I figured out that in 2 of the 4 possibilities I had the play you are describing. Before you unmount everything you should mark the parts to remember the original position. I hope this helps and yes, I guess you need to glue the O-Ring again, otherwise it will most prob
  13. Hi CommandT, what cordite wants to say is that it would be better to post in the Thrustmaster section to get more answers. Anyway, you should check the state of your O-Ring, which is in the big cylindric part where the big spring is standing on. I heard it very often that this O-Ring, which is originally made of rubber material and is glued, comes lose and is creating issues. Attached pictures, which I found in another forum, display exactly what I mean. When you remove the big spring you can easily move the part displayed up and watch the condition of the ring. Good news is, that you can
  14. Maybe this helps for the signature, you just don´t see it: Link
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