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  1. I am struggling to get the correct Substance Painter export setting for DCS. Would someone mind posting a pic of their setting on this export screen? It is killing me.
  2. Hey Guys, I am having issues trying to get my kneeboard to move to the left side of my cockpit in VR. I cannot get it to move from the right side past the center of the cockpit. Does it think with the Rift that there are two monitors and it is using the right eye and thus I can only push it to the center for as far left as I can go? In the ViewportHandling .Lua local kneeY = 800 -- size Height local kneeX = 550 -- size Width local kneePosY = 570 -- offset from top of leftmost monitor corner local kneePosX = -900 -- RH side of Leftmost monitor. -Tom
  3. Guys, for the FSSB R3 Warthog Lightning model being used for DCS, are you uploading the MJF_FW_2 or the BMS_FW_2 software? I am having issues with the stick freezing while in a bank turn on occasion which is very inconvenient while flying in tight formation.
  4. I do not see your performance on the VFAT calendar anymore?? Did you withdraw from the event?
  5. Very much looking forward to this mod. Great job guys!
  6. Yeah, did that updater and I also do not see it in the list to bind it to my account. What a pain...
  7. I have the same issue as LarryI. I purchased on the 1st prepaid order day awhile ago and it is not showing up in my selections to install. I did update the Open Beta and do see the F-14 icon but it is setup like it is ready to buy. I also do not see it in the profile list of all my addons.
  8. Hello everyone, I seem to have run into a strange issue I have not encountered before. I have created a ship mod which on all accounts seems to be working fine except for the visibility of it. It does not seem to matter whether I am in any aircraft flying by it or even on external view this issue with the mod disappearing is happening. If I approach it from the bow I see it fine. Once I get to around 180 deg abeam of it the mod disappears if at close range. If I am coming in from he stern at lets say 1 mile I see it fine. Once I get to say 1/4 mile the mod disappears. Does anyone ha
  9. Is anyone having the issue with when you disengage the BALT in the A/P and you then try to gentle climb for more altitude, there seems to be resistance like the BALT is still engaged? I continue to apply more back stick pressure and then it suddenly jerks out and I fly up violently for a quick second. How can you leave BALT smoothly?
  10. I also just yesterday am now hanging on the last part of the load screen with a please wait. I am running in VR mode and this occurs while starting up a server. Everything works fine in single player mode. I even tried a repair and the issue remains. I am on the stable version.
  11. I am noticing that with the latest build release, when we try and take off with 3 planes in formation with a simultaneous take-off in multiplayer, all 3 planes will just lose altitude at liftoff and crash. This did not do this in the previous build. We can take off one at a time in 5 second intervals with no issue.
  12. I was kind of hoping we would get the Kneeboard back with this latest update. Looking forward to using this with the rift.
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