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  1. Good afternoon Sir,

    Read that you were using GF-keys a while back. I could never get mine to work once they were programed.

    Was wondering if you have any tips.


    Thanks in advance.


    1. Need-To-Know


      Sorry for the late reply.

      I use the GFKeys software. It works really good. Just program any combination of keystrokes into the software.

      The link on their website does not work for me. But I have a working copy if you want. Scanned an virus free.


      For instance say you use keystroke G for your gear. I then just program G into it. I currently have 7 GF panels. The only one that does not work in DCS is the radio - GF166


      I used to have the MCP Pro - that 737 panel. It also did not work in DCS. I sold it because the buttons are too hard to press also.


      Hope this helps,


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