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  1. Utilities such as RS Mapper or VoiceAttack allow you to bind controller buttons to keyboard outputs.
  2. Yah, important binding for radio comms. Hope it gets some attention soon.
  3. Very valuable mod here. Lotta work, great contribution. Thanks Munkwolf.
  4. Yah, I saw your editing comments in the modded .lua but was’nt sure if it was all inclusive. ‘Thank you so much for your responsiveness here and contributions in general.
  5. Hey Holton181, I'm guessing you're aware that the Enabled K & B mod breaks the MC Huey key mappings. "Request Controls" in particular. Was wondering/hoping that you might be updating it. Cheers, HNY.
  6. From US Army Mi-17 Operators Manual. (2007) 2-31.1 Pilot’s Collective Stick The pilot’s collective stick (Figure 2-2) is mounted on the cockpit floor to the left of the pilot’s seat. The stick includes the twist-grip throttle control with friction adjustment (11), covered control buttons for external cargo emergency jettison (9) and normal release (12), a spring-loaded N2 trim INCR/ DECR switch (7), a searchlight control button (10), and a CLUTCH RELEASE button (13). A hydraulic clutch holds the stick securely in any position, allowing the pilot to make smooth pitch adjustments and preventing the stick from creeping. Ordinarily, the clutch is adjusted manually using the handwheel (5) to allow the stick to be moved, without releasing the clutch, with a force of 45 to 55 lb. The CLUTCH RELEASE button activates the hydraulic clutch release system, allowing the stick to be moved with a force no greater than 3.3 lb. When the button is released, the clutch re-engages. The CLUTCH RELEASE button also disengages the autopilot altitude channel. The clutch release circuit is powered by 27 VDC. The ECLs are mounted on the left side of the collective bracket.
  7. Post #1 of the linked thread will give you an idea of what to look for. If you’re really interested, the remaining thread will provide some deeper insight (and perhaps a headache). https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196588
  8. Until it is fixed, I’ll use VoiceAttack to link my Copilot Seat command with Flex Sight up command. Can be done with either voice command or button press command for switching to copilot seat.
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