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  1. Thought at first it was still not fixed, but looks like nav lights have to be on for landing lights to work?
  2. In the early days of DCS World, all aircraft had a proper look back view (F4 on the keyboard). It showed an external view from just above the cockpit back over the tail, so that you had a wonderful, almost unobstructed, panoramic view of what's going on behind you. Nowadays, most of the newer DLC aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre, Mirage 2000, in fact almost all of the new ones, don't provide that view anymore. Instead you get a fairly useless view of the nose or some random zoomed in part of the aircraft, facing forward? Is there a way to get the proper "look back" view back for the n
  3. troye

    Mirage 50

    Also agree with Rudel_chw, I will buy Mirage III and/or Mirage F1 blindly. They were used in the South Africa/Angola war of the 1970s/80s and were the very reason I became interested in aircraft. Mirage III was also used in Falklands war. There was a 1960s/70s television series about the escapades of a French Mirage III squadron. And then of course there were the Israeli wars which really showcased the Mirage III. I have no interest in the Mirage 50.
  4. I don't understand why this has not been implemented yet. It makes so much sense and surely it cannot be too hard to implement. People have been asking for this since 2016 !?
  5. There are almost 2 million owners of DCS World on Steam and 1 million active players https://steamdb.info/app/223750/graphs/. That is probably mostly the free version, but I still wonder if standalone can muster that many players/owners?
  6. I can't agree more, was looking forward to finally flying the F-15C after flying most of the Flaming Cliffs 3 russian aircraft. But no matter how i zoom the view or position my head, the F-15C HUD is either too small and i can't see a damned thing, or i have to press my face against it and then lose all outside perspective. I'm really not enjoying flying this aircraft which is supposed to be the pinnacle of airpower - hard to believe that this is realistic and that the F-15 has a 100 to zero kill ratio with such visual limitations!? My only consolation is that the F-15C is part
  7. Thanks for your reply, i went back and looked at bindings and you are quite right: i used ` (on same key as ~), instead of ' (on same key as "). I feel really stupid, appreciate the help!
  8. Does anyone know what happened to the score window, activated with "`" key, in multiplayer? I used to fly the SU-25A and SU-25T in version 1.2.7 and it worked perfectly. However, i changed to the SU-27 (from FC3) almost at the same time as the game upgraded to version 1.2.8 and now i cannot get the score window activated at all, no matter which multiplayer mission. Is this fuction disabled in version 1.2.8, or am i doing something wrong?
  9. Hi there, I'm also relatively new and working my way through the SU-25T campaign. I've progressed a bit further than you, but have noticed that very often when they talk about orange smoke, it is actually green smoke!? It is not very visible and you have to be within about 5km to see it and relatively low. Targets are not always exactly where the waypoints indicate, but somewhat off-set. Also, if you loiter too long the smoke will stop (which is probably realistic). So you have to take out AA positions early and from far away (I find the Vikhr missiles the best for this) and then get close
  10. I'm absolutely enjoying this sim after having it on the shelf for a year or two waiting for the right opportunity to play it. Anyway, so i started with the SU-25 and finished 10 missions (and several retries) in the Cold War Warrior campaign. Now i'm ready to go to mission 11 in the campaign, but it seems to be only an animation of a tank battle, which the Russians win, music plays and helicopters fly past etc. The problem is it doesn't take me to a next mission, so i assume that the campaign is now over, but it doesn't say so anywhere, and it doesn't credit me with a finished ca
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