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  1. We are messing around with the EFM for a mod in the works, curious as to whether or not anyone has figured out how to get the dust effect to work while landing?
  2. Hello MAV,  Just wondering if you have the UH-60 ready and if so I would like to try it out.

    1. Mav


      Not yet my man. We have run into some issues regarding the EFM but are working on it. 

    2. abe_man1


      This makes me tingle in my bits. I want an H-60 so bad. 

  3. So I figured it out sorry for the late reply. I had a modified UH-1 entry in helicopterconst.lua which didn't have the entry lines for the gunners only pilot and co pilot. Replaced that and everything works now.
  4. Still no luck at all. Even with a fresh install
  5. Interesting, I don't actually have that option? I looked at the AB212.lua and didn't see an entry for it either.
  6. Just as the title states, after the latest OB update, I can no longer use the door gunners on the huey. I'm not able to switch to the positions or even open the doors. Pressing Alt+3/4 freezes the gunners as if they were GOING to open the doors but ultimately nothing happens. I have tried deleting the input folder in saved games but no luck. Any ideas?
  7. Having an issue with the Huey after the latest update OB. Cannot switch to gunner seats and when pressing keybind to open rear cargo doors, the gunners make a slight movement as if they are activating an animation and then freeze. No doors open.
  8. Mav

    UH-60 mod

    Hey man I apologize but those mods won't be available...for now. The mods do not work in 2.5.6 but we are working on something new so don't worry. It is still a UH-60 but with some...slight...modifications lol. Stay tuned
  9. Love it, too bad the weapons don't work just yet. Crashes any time a weapon "Fires". Can't wait to see what this brings for the future though.
  10. Mav

    UH-60 mod

    So we've actually tried this, more than a few times. The model works however the flight model is ALL over the place, the door animations do not work so the doors stay open through the entire flight lol, the collision model also doesn't work very well which could be adjusted perhaps.
  11. Mav

    UH-60 mod

    The mod is not active with any release after 2.5.4. The KA-50 module does not allow the player to use it as a base for helo mods. Until this is fixed or there is a work around, the mod will not be updated. Thanks.
  12. The LPD is great, as you already know, I appreciate the work and effort you give to the community. Talk to you soon!
  13. Any way to keep the wire cutters while removing the pylons? Thanks for this though!
  14. Sorry guys, tried everything to get this to work in 2.5.6 but I've given up. Too bad especially with the nice new lighting editions the game offers. Oh well. And no, I do not have the bell 47 I'm sorry man.
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pE-Vdeo6K7m7rBEfKC4GgGLyID6aTCzr/view?usp=sharing Here is the UH-60 version. Should be same as any of them. Doesn't work in most updated 2.5.6 OB or stable for me. If anyone wants to give it a shot to get it working go for it. Let me know!
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