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  1. Master Arms is a Swedish combat flight simulator community. We are looking for swedish speaking pilots. You can join our forum at www.masterarms.se or link up with us on IRC: #masterarms @ GAMESURGE (webclient) We currently playing Falcon BMS, DCS-series and IL-2 1946. Välkomna!
  2. Im out of activations for BS1 and because of that i cannot install BS2. Why must i install and activate BS1 to be able to play BS2? I think that really sucks. It should be enough that i have purchased BS1 and have a serial number. I posted a ticket November 26 and still havent been able to install BS2. I cant recommend buying the upgrade. Buy the full version or none at all. Tired of waiting.
  3. The best is to make your own profile. Its pretty personal. But feel free to try this one. EDIT: I missread the topic. My profile is for NON-Pro. LOFC 2_0 RedRiver V1_2.rar
  4. As there are no dedicated server. Is it possible for me to activate another copy of BS as a server and still be able to connect as a player or do i have to purchase another copy?
  5. I cant wait to get my hands on this baby. Keep up the good work!
  6. Awesome. Thank you very much. Its looking good.
  7. Nice story. I feel the same sometimes, fighting everything.
  8. Just saying what others already said... If DCS make addons with the same quality as Black Shark, the price is a bargain. So lets hope this is just the start of a new era in high quality combat flightsimming. (And please give us the english box now will ya?)
  9. Intel Core2Duo @ 3,80GHz 3,25 GB Ram (8 GB installed but only 3 detected by XP) Windows XP Professional 32bit Geforce 8800 GTX 768MB No improvement at all when selecting both cores.
  10. Yea.. Im having problems connecting my second monitor aswell.
  11. Same problem. I'll try edit the Nvidia settings.
  12. Hmm... Im on my third X52 stick. Im not satisfied with the product. I havent seen the problem you got. It sound more like software than hardware. This isnt what you want to hear... Uninstall. Reinstall latest SST software AND drivers. Make sure you are downloading from english site (or american whatever). Just dont download from smaller countries. I know the Swedish site is very bad. I dont think it even got the drivers for the X52.. Just X45.. Good Luck!
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