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  1. Hi zusammen, ich habe bei eBay ein Handbuch für DCS Ka-50 Blackshark, Spiralbindung, englisch, 548 Seiten, eingestellt. https://www.ebay.de/itm/303906950666?ul_noapp=true Gruß Jens
  2. see attachment for my export.lua P.S. I copied the export.lua from the Tacview ProgDir to the script folder and now everything works fine. Thanks! Jens Export.lua
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Tacview 1.61 not recording probably... - Tacview 1.61 - DCS World 2.1 Open Alpha with NTTR/Normandy - I can see Tacview inside DCS in the Settings / Special Settings tab After the flight, I can find a corresponding *.acmi file under /Documents/Tacview. But these files always have a size of only 1kb and basically contain no data except start and end of the flight. What I can see from the attached dcs.log file, the flight data recorder loads successfully? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Jens dcs.log.txt
  4. Same here. Running Tacview 1.6.0 with a fresh DCS open alpha 2.0.5 install. The Exportter seems to be installed fine as. Every flight creates a new acmi file in the Tacview directory, but they are only 1 kb in size (and contain only start/end with 0 secs) Jens
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich spiele mit dem Gedanken mir nach längerer Abstinenz wieder ein Head-Tracking System zu kaufen. Bin bei meiner Suche bei eBay auf dieses System gestossen. http://www.ebay.de/itm/IR-Headtracking-Set-6-DOF-u-a-Star-Citizen-Elite-DayZ-TrackIR-kompatibel-/142203398953?hash=item211bfbab29:g:pFYAAOSw6DtYRwu7 Hat jemand vielleicht Erfahrungen bzw. kann etwas dazu sagen. Ich hatte in der Vergangenheit ein Track IR 4. Preislich ist ja ein deutlicher Unterschied, von daher würde ich jetzt nicht erwarten, dass ich da die gleiche Qualität bekomme, aber vielleicht reicht es ja
  6. Hi, DCS World 2.0 lastest Update installed Win 7 on an iMac (Bootcamp) CH Pro Throttle and Fighterstick A-10C Module (along a log of other modules) installed No conflicting axis setups When I start a mission in the air the throttle works without any problems. But when I do a cold and dark startup, I can"t get the throttle out of the off into the idle position. Pressing RALT and HOME doesn't help either. I already saw two other threads on this board, but those guys had the problem with the Thrustmaster Warthog. Anyone any ideas? Jens
  7. Having the same problem on a iMac/Bootcamp/Win7. If I start the DCS.exe directly from the "bin" folder I'm able to launch some missions at least from the mission editor. Jens
  8. Hi folks, I started a little blog where I will write from time to time about my experiences while replaying old combat flightsims. If anyone is interessted, here's the link: Retro Flightsim Blog Jens P.S. Feel free to critisize or to tell what could be made better. Please don't be to hard on me, it's my first blog ;-)
  9. Aah, yes I'm running Win 8.1. Thanks Athlonic! Jens
  10. I'm having a strange problem with my new X-55. When I plug in throttle and stick only one seems to be recongnized correctly by windows. When I look at the stick and throttle in the Windows Device Manager, only the stick can be calibrated. When I look at the properties of the throttle the Calibrate-Button is greyed out. In addition I can't control the axes of the throttle in the Saitek-Software. If I only plug in the throttle I can calibrate it correctly in windows and it's recognized in the Saitek-Software. I'm puzzled ... Jens P.S. Is there any official Saitek forum whe
  11. Will the new Nevada terrain come as a "pure" map or will it come with new additional stuff like new skins, missions, campaigns or weapons (e.g. NACTS) that fit the Nellis/Red Flag scenario? Jens
  12. I have FSX and the VRS F/A-18 and really like it. But if I'd to choose I'd preferred the DCS A-10C. Jens
  13. Same here. Installed Win8 64Bit and since then I CTD when I exit a mission. Jens
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